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2½ Months Here

30 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 8:41 PM in

Time really flies. More than 2 months I've been in Australia. I will now recap this period with some pictures below:

(from left) Zi Kang, Alvin, Sean and Me

We desperately need to some shopping when we first arrived during O-week. So we took a bus to Indroopilly, which is another Brisbane suburb adjacent to St Lucia.

I managed to get a standing fan for my room at College.

Ironside Chinese Restaurant

A rare yet delightful Chinese dinner with Judah 5 cell-mates (outside College) that also marked my first month here. I must tell you that this restaurant's Char Kuay Teow cost as much as AUD$11.00!

Most of my time are spent in College. Let's see what's going on in there...

At Dining Hall

A gathering of collegians for an important announcement. But hey, can you see the speaker?

Dancing Man

This guy told Me he learned bailey before. But I just saw him doing some lousy exercise...

Imagine I doing this...

This balancing act could be a favourite pastime here. By the way, I like this guy's hairstyle haha!

Guys downstairs, Girls upstairs

My Henderson wing is said to be the most "happening" place in this College, ...especially at night!

Every Saturday evening, I've sports outing with church people...

In Aussie, most buttocks are big LOL!

Recently, a friendly soccer game ended up with push-ups. And we do together in the spirit of brotherhood.

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St Lucia

26 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:09 AM in ,

Greetings from where I'm dwelling everyday here in Australia...

Oh St Lucia

This nice little suburb 15 minutes outside of downtown Brisbane is called St Lucia. Students make up almost the entire population here.

Some of my university buildings can be seen inside the red box area.

Semi-tropical; and now is autumn

A mixture of ordinary brick and wooden houses can be seen everywhere. Delightful parklands and shady walkways are also aplenty. Little traffic, so no jams and therefore no stress.

Conclusion: This place is good for studying, good for affordable living, good for sleeping ...oh yeah good for breathing fresh air too (really fresh in the morning).

But life is SUPER BORING!

...haih my Aussie lifestyle in St Lucia sigh...

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Anniversary Bye Bye

23 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:57 AM in


My blog - Patchay@Blogspot is almost 1-Year old now. First Anniversary falls on May 8. I decided to launch this blog on that date exactly one year ago because of good feng shui LOL, also because 8 is a good number to Chinese.

A very humble beginning ...

I initially thought of setting up a blog that will keep Me busy for a maximum of ONE YEAR period. I never thought that I could achieve something out from blogging; so I thought why not just run a blog for FUN, just like many of my friends back then.

I must admit that I'm almost burnt out, very exhausted from blogging already. After days of deciding, I thought that NOW could be the best time to Call It A Day.

Alright I'll say it again one last time...

I'm officially QUITING the blogosphere and all other forms of online activity (except email, MSN etc). It's my final decision. I've made up my mind and no more second thought.

Tragically, I announce that this will be my LAST blog post.

This decision was mainly attributed to what I want to prioritize for the time being - my studies. Now that I'm a second-year university student, there's by far too many commitments to compromise with. So I guess taking a BREAK from blogging will be the best thing right now.

Also, the lack of motivation to update this blog regularly may have cause Me to make this decision.

* * * * * *

Looking back at my participation in the World of Blogging is simply amazing. I feel proud of what I've learned and discovered from the blogosphere, such as HTML/CSS knowledge amongst others.

The blog revamp in July 2006

I must admit that blogging has changed my life at least to a certain extent. I don't know whether you believe that blogging can do wonders to you, but I do believe in it.

Through my blog, I've met many wonderful people in real person, from infamous bloggers to avid and famous ones as well as many other carefree college boys and girls.

I was never so 'happening' like before, for instance, many social outings at the end of last year were somewhat related to my blogging exposure.

(left) Kuok Yung, Shaz, William, Ah Beng, Splashmilk and Me

I met this bunch of people whom I now call them my "New Friendz". They made Me a poser like above.

For once, I thought that I've had enough of this social thingy. I shall now spend more time on other important things, perhaps at things more beneficial to Me as I grow up to be a fully-matured adult.

Well, it's indeed very SAD that I've to make such an unexpected announcement today, particularly ahead of my blog's Anniversary.

* * * * * *

Before I end this post, I sincerely wish ALL THE VERY BEST to my fellow blog supporters and readers, be it long-time mates, school friends, college-university friends, blog-mates and other virtual friends that have been continuously supporting Me.

I hope you all have been enjoying reading my blog. Thank you very much for making this blog ALIVE!

In future you may contact Me via email or MSN. Their addresses are posted in my Profile page.

God Bless and Sayonara ...

(... pause for a moment followed by an abrupt interruption)



Hey guys, you know what? This is a Tagged to FOOL you guys lah. I was tagged to do this crap post by Ah Beng [BengHan.com]. Thanks to Him I have to frighten you guys!

The blog is celebrating 1st Anniversary and is expected to ride high this year. So how can I do this?

Patchay@Blogspot as of today

Quiting now especially when my blog is getting more and more unique visits per day is the DUMBEST thing to do!!!

And now is my turn to randomly KENA-KAN some people ... kakaka.

This one, this one, this one, this one and this one.

Let's close down our blogs together together ok?

Anyway Happy Birthday to my Blog, in advance !!!

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Lonely Easter

19 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 4:46 PM in ,

Easter this year falls on the 18th of April. If you don't know Easter is Very Big, Very Celebrated Festival here in Australia.

I can see the heavenly morning light!

Like previous Easter Sunday mornings, I'll wake up early to attend church service. True enough, my church was pretty empty from the usual buzz as more than 300 people had left for Oceania Conference in Melbourne.

One of UQ CityCat Pier

After service, some cell-group mates (Judah 5) and Me decided to take a 'CityCat' ferry to downtown Brisbane.

Perhaps the girls want to do some shopping and the guys, as usual, will stand behind them wherever they go.

Mini Golden Gate on campus

I felt that the weather today would be extremely good to go swimming or play soccer. Well, I thought shopping was a good idea too as less people will roam the streets during Easter holidays.

AUD$8.50 = RM24.70 ... ok?

We arrived in downtown after 1.00pm, walked across a few streets, then took a bus to Chinatown in Fortitude Valley area.

By then my stomach was already rumbling. As soon as we got off the bus, we went into a Chinese restaurant and ordered individual meals. My plate of Roasted Pork Rice (Char Siew Fan) was not too bad.

The Aussie way of doing things...

After lunch, a smooth bus ride back to our respective homes. In the bus, I kept on yawning; so a good nap this afternoon would probably refresh Me again.

And as I was nearing my College entrance, I saw the above ! WTF

That's my room amongst others

By 7pm, the sky turned completely dark. Looks like I'm the only person in my College Wing tonight. I started feeling sooooo lonely, and yet I was contented with what I did today!

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Formal D

16 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:13 AM in , ,

Yet another Formal Dinner at Emmanuel College. Remember I said before every week there'll be at least once?

One long table

We collegians had dinner with a couple of specially invited folks from a community-based society called Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps.

They told us that they would perform a Scottish-style foot drill after dinner. How cool can that be!

(left) Jacqueline, Ann-Louis, Caryn and Lorene

These smiling faces can already tell you a million words. What more do you want to know about them?

The Another Return of Superman???

When I was a little boy, I've always wanted to be a superhero like Batman or Superman. Somehow this ambition prevails until today.

Harry Potters

The Harry Potter-like phenomenon is worth an experience. We learned about Australian magic and spells haha.

Foot drill in the midst of darkness!

Emmanuel College Principal, Dr Stewart Gill and the wonderfully dressed guards of honour. By the way, each of them are holding a REAL long rifle. So watch out!!!

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Klub Kandy

12 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:03 PM in , ,

Klub Kandy is doubted as the biggest Asian party in Brisbane. The party took place in one of the biggest nightclub here in the entire state of Queensland.

KK April 2007 official poster

And amazingly Patchay was there! This time being on the VIP list of UQHKSA, one of the supporting organizations for this event.

That means I don't have to fork out a single cent for entry and get to party all night long, from 9.00pm till 5.00am next morning. Imagine that!

Posing here with my first drink of the night - a Heineken. Looks like I'm doing some kinda promotion for Heineken here muahahaha. Cheers!

"Muhammad" Daniel (new name given by Pok Wai) doing his best moves. But it wasn't just him, so many people were shaking like there's no tomorrow!

Cheyenne, Me and Sharon. We just love dancing!!! If you know Melbourne shuffle, please teach us ok?

Needless to say, we spend most of our time at the Main Hall. DJ Gust from Hong Kong was there to fulfill our "needs" at all times haha.

You know what? I forgotten to take a group picture with the people I came and went home with, alamak. One of them is my Emmanuel college-mate. Never mind, there'll always be another chance ...

KK @ The Family Brisbane

3.45am marked the end of my party ride. I went home feeling really tired. But the funny thing my adrenaline was still keeping me super-excited! I didn't sleep until an hour later ...sigh.

All in all, the Big Party was awesome. Tomorrow I need to catch up with some school work. So let me go to bed in peace now... see ya guys!

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Reiji Dance Party

09 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 3:13 PM in , ,

The Reiji Dance Party at Cesars in downtown Brisbane.

Cheers ... and don't get drunk people!

Singapore - Japan - Malaysia - Hong Kong = perfect mix.

Saki, Me and Kaori; both girls are from Japan.

Pharmacy student, Veng Wai is from Malaysia as well.

Huh what're you guys doing? Don't play-play-lah with his shoe ...

I can see mostly "dark-haired people", I mean Asians. From the name of the party, you know it's Oriental themed...

Me doing the lamest thing in my life = pole dancing.

How nice if we were chauffeured back home by this car? Haha... I was just day-dreaming again lol.

Another party post coming up next.

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Dessert Night

08 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 7:53 PM in , ,

UQ Hong Kong Student Association's (UQHKSA) Dessert Night at Just Soy Cafe in Market Square at Sunnybank.

Someone keep on telling Me that there will only be soy custard for tonight. It comes with seasonal fruits, 'sweetening' mix, beans, grass jelly etc.

Patchay being ignorant: Ermmm pardon Me, what is that "soil" thingy again? Aiyaa... that beancurd stuff is "tau foo fah" lah!

Because we came, we all got FREE VIP Passes to Klub Kandy event next Tuesday. Rejoice ...Yahhhooo ... can't wait for that day to come !!!

After this, we're heading to the Reiji Party in town. So be sure to watch out for my next post.

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Elysaa's Birthday

07 April, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 9:57 PM in , ,

Here's something outside college life.

After evening church service on April Fools' Day, we had Thai dinner at a place called Hawken Drive to celebrate Elysaa's birthday.

Happy Birthday Elysaa !!! The birthday girl is also from Malaysia.

Suny (Macau), Johanan, Joey (both Singapore) and Jessy (China) are nice people to talk to. And they're very funny. They smile and laugh more than talk.

Happy Buffday... Happy Buffday... Happy Buffday !!! Sing the song, make your sweat wish and blow the candles. =)

After dinner is time for "cam-whoring".

My eyes can barely open after working on the computer for many long hours. From right: Me, Daisy (Korea) and Ai Lin (Malaysia).

Everyone at the dinner. These people are my cell group mates from "Judah 5" at Hope Brisbane.

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This is a dinner outside Emmanuel held exclusively for first year collegians or "Freshers" on 21st March 2007.

College senior ladies brought all young men to dine Indian food, while senior guys invited first year ladies out for Western food. This is the rule of the game.

Three buses arriving to bring us all to our respective restaurants. At this time I'm feeling SUPER hungry liao!

Uncountable number of Australians haha. Yes, I was one of the only few Asians there. One thing, these guys are very good in poking FUN at the ladies ...

We arrived after 15 minutes bus ride. The signboard says: "Award Winning Indian Restaurant". Let Me try it out first!

Yummmy... mouth-watering isn't it? Never thought of having some kinda Malaysian Nasi Kandar here in Australia.

Sitting opposite Me is Ryan. He's indeed VERY VERY depressed lol. I want to help him. Trust Me brother. [Haha he's really a good poser]

The dinner ended soon after that, some went back to college including Me, some stayed on and partyyy!

I'll partyyy the next time!!!

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