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Masca NCG'08 Part IV

27 September, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 5:31 PM in , ,

MASCA National Conference & Games (NCG)
Brisbane, Queensland
1 - 4 July 2008

- Part IV: Day 3 Action -

Mystique: The Masquerade Ball

The Greek Club, South Brisbane

[Photos by http://www.patchay.blogspot.com/

MASCA: Malaysian Students' Council of Australia]

*** *** ***

Preparation for the big night...

@ The Greek Club overlooking Brissy skyline

Registration begins at 6.00pm...

Then Pinky came lol...

Delegates and VIPs arrived...

Arrrhaaa... MASCA Idol

... the girls were cheering the male contestants like mad,

some guys did the exact opposite

well from Canberra...

...to Melbourne

QLD contestant didn't make it


one bloke voluntarily took his place

the result was a superb showmanship...

meanwhile, the VIPs were busy eating lah...

Championship Trophy and medals to be presented soon...

Masca QLD pressie also won some medals...

and you have the very enthusiastic cheering

by this bunch from Victoria

Nicol David would have swept this medal if she was here...

*** *** ***

Next was a special performance by AMPACQ

The Legend of Puteri Gunung Ledang

the sassy Puteri doing some local version of tai-chi

amidst fast-paced music in the background

Silat oh Silat...

then it was happy ending ever after?

*** *** ***


Masca's committee-elect

Alamak...both the Bride n Bridegroom of the night

(The man on the left must be saying: "Silakan bercium-cium")

...souveniers for VIPs...

Wooooo I won GOLD n SILVER hahaha (yeah right)

Foodzzz at Ball

Again called out the joker to dance away his sissy-ness...

Heya... oleh ...yeaha shake bon-bon

Seducing enough till this ahmoh staff of UQ also join in

*** *** ***

ACT people

why Donna and Ah Ling-gesh posing there?

ooops the person on the left blocked by my finger stain

the bride was indeed popular

no mask vs got mask

(Kenny Sia would say: "u know wat makes me horny?")

the stressed people that night

As you can see, I was indeed sooo stressful until...

...this make my night! hahaha

Curtain brings to an end to MASCA NCG series on Patchay-Blogspot.

*** *** ***

Be sure to stay tuned for


coming up next.

*** *** ***

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Masca NCG'08 Part III

23 September, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 11:07 PM in ,

MASCA National Conference & Games (NCG)
Brisbane, Queensland
1 - 4 July 2008

- Part III: Day 2 Action - Badminton & Basketball at

Brisbane Grammar Girls' School (BGGS), Springhill -

[Photos by http://www.patchay.blogspot.com/

MASCA: Malaysian Students' Council of Australia]

*** *** ***

The McCrae Grassie Sports Centre

Indoor Courts

The McCrae Grassie Hall of Fame

Gymnastics Training Centre

Team Victoria for Badminton

Badminton Preliminaries

*** *** ***

BGGS Outdoor

BGGS Basketball

Emylia and Taiwanese-Aussie Referee

Western Australia v Victoria

Phew... too close to Call


Team Spirit by WA

Break Time

By that time, Team Queensland had lost all games...

Team Australian Capital Territory


Team Victoria and Injured Hero

Team ACT Group Photo

Team QLD Group Photo

*** *** ***

Part IV - Closing Ceremony Masquerade Ball coming up next

*** *** ***

Also see Part 1 and Part 2 ...

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