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Blog Update Sept 29

29 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 8:18 PM in

Patchay@Blogspot continues to grow everyday. Thank you for your support. In a matter of months, Patchay@Blogspot (my account) will be upgraded to Blogger Beta version. Perhaps it's also about time for Patchay@Blogspot to adopt a simpler and "less messy" layout, thus reducing the loading time significantly. Over the next few weeks, I'll be reducing the number of widgets / plugins and unnnecessary items on both my sidebars. In the meantime, you may send me your feedback regarding my blog. Feel free to suggest anything that you want to see on my blog too. Thank you very much and have a nice day.


Royale Escapade Part III

27 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:39 AM in ,

--- Selected photo post

My Table 32

Board of Directors

Monash Buddies

The Sisters Act...

Me and Irene

Me and Xiang Yi

Me and Paulynn

Dukes and Duchesses

Miss President gorgeous?

Visit http://patchay.multiply.com/photos/album/61, 82 pics HERE and still counting. You don't wanna miss this! LOL.

---/ The End /---

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Royale Escapade Part II

25 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 4:45 AM in ,

--- con't from Part I

Pretty! Colourful! Glamour! Elegance! Picturesque? Maybe.

Here's what happened to me at the Ball!!!...Hahaha.

---> Click picture for bigger image.

To be continued...Part III will present selected pictures!

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Presenting to you Monash Ball Part 1 Photo Post.

Monash Ball 2006 Royale Escapade was held at the Palace of the Golden Horses (a 6-star hotel?) on the 22th of September. It was Monash Malaysia's largest Ball to date as more than 770 people attended (77 tables), including students from different semesters, different faculties, ex-students from Monash Alumni as well as some honourable VIPs.

To cut short, the Ball went on smoothly with many spectacular performances. Without doubt, the Ball has provided a golden opportunity for everyone to mingle around. Due to time constraint, I'll only post some interesting pictures here.

Michael Jackson To Be?

Gentlewoman & Gentleman

The Finalists...Who is Mr & Mrs Monash?

To be continued...

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Paradise Live: Set Me Free

23 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 11:07 PM in ,

Yuhhoo...The Paradise Team is coming back to Malaysia. And again at (my church) Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya at Section 13. The Paradise Christian Worship Team will be led by Matt Heins and Ollie Sebastian, brother of first Australian Idol Guy Sebastian (apparently will not be coming this year). This time, they will be performing new songs from their latest album, Set Me Free.

This not to be missed concert will be held on the 24th of September, Sunday; 7.00pm sharp. Oh yeah...the entrance is absolutely FREE. All are invited. Come enjoy and see you there!!!

Here are some glimpse of last year's concert :-

The Paradise Team (Press Release picture)

Guy Sebastian in action 2005

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Talk@bout Sept 17

20 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 12:41 AM in

Bye Bye Two Friends

Another farewell? Yes...the above photo taken after a talk show.

Christien, his wife Lavin, Ps Julie and Linda Khoo

I attended this week's Talk Show, in which popular NTV7 celebrities Christien & Lavin (also former Miss Malaysia runner-up) shared on an exciting topic concerning "Temptations in the Entertainment World". Here's what they have to say, quoted and sourced from GT Youth during the approx. 45 minutes interview.

In the opening, Lavin said that "it is part of the industry which you must be prepared to handle, and only God can give you wisdom to face each circumstance."

Christien added that "pray, pray, pray, until something happens, praying with each other strengthens our (your) relationship."

On their upcoming second child, Lavin expressed that "this was a real test for our (the couple's) faith especially with a high chance of fetul deformity as a result of the medication...this baby is really God's gift."

On the recent "scandal" rumors in the local media, Lavin confidently responded "God has given us a sense of peace and calmness in all situations and through His word has provided us with much wisdom."

To draw a meaningful conclusion, these words tell us that we must continue to trust Lord and persistently walk in our faith; and by doing so He will help us to overcome any 'temptations' and challenges in our lives.

*** Next week, watch out for my upcoming Monash Ball Royale Escapade (at Palace of Golden Horses) photo post.

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Unlimited Me

16 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:31 AM in , , ,

Recent unpublished pics...Hahaha...enjoy!!!

Me, Andrew, Baqthier and Sze Hoong

New Friends, New Friends!!! On Merdeka eve, I met these nice guys..."all of sudden". Hahaha...Well, it was a meet-up for Malaysian forumers from SkyscraperCity.Com, arguably the world's largest real estate forum with more than 57,000 members representing different countries all over the world. Remember, Patchay was an active forumer there? Remember now then, at least for "Countdown 2020" Malaysia section (see right-sidebar Avenue [P]). Cheers.

Sadly, out of the hundreds or thousands of Malaysian members...only these few "managed" to turn up that night. We had dinner, walked around and...(speechless). It was a very crowded day at KLCC indeed. There was an organized concert with some Akademi Fantasia celebs on stage and a Merdeka rally organized by UMNO Youth. (Phew...so dangerous when we walked pass these people). Along the way, I even witnessed some stunt acts by the so-called "Mat Rempit" gang as they raced dangerously on city roads at midnight. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves, evidently shown by our smiles above. We departed after watching the magnificent fireworks (see The Spirit of Merdeka post) to Steven's at Taman OUG, where we hangout until 4.00am.

Me, Tim, Harrison and Ji Wi

RLC Movers & Shakers Concert with the PlanetShakers Team from Queensland, Australia. That night, we had a wonderful concert and we were all touched by the powerful message.

Goodbye Sean Park (4th from right)

We bid farewell to our cellmate from South Korea. He went back to serve his country in the National Service. He will always be remembered as a good friend, and of course the "Korean Mafia" game that he taught us how to play. Bang! Bang! Who is the Mafia! 안녕히계세요! (Angyeonghi gaseyo - Goodbye)

Joe, Daniel, Chan Jin and Me

Farewell to old buddy, Joel Soon. Picture taken when we were having lunch in Pizza Evo at TheCurve.

Sometime ago...

My first Monash buddies BBQ gathering, held at William's condominium. Ooops...everyone here is pointing fingers at "Gay Bing". Never mind the scandal, it has no importance at all.

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9/11: The Future of Ground Zero

11 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 9:18 PM in

This photo post is in conjunction with the 5th Anniversary of September 11, 2001.

World's tallest in 2011...

Freedom Tower

An antenna supported by a cable structure rises to a final height of 1776 feet, representing America's independence year.

The Freedom Tower is a bold and simple icon in the sky that acknowledges the memorial below. While the memorial, carved out of the earth, speaks of the past and of remembrance, the Freedom Tower speaks about the future and hope as it rises into the sky in a faceted, crystalline form filled with, and reflecting light. (www.WTC.com)

The Future of Downtown Manhattan

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A Tribute to Steve Irwin

08 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 7:26 PM in ,

Steve Irwin, 1962-2006

Steve Irwin, the legendary "Crocodile Hunter" and celebrity-status naturalist was killed in a freak accident off the coast of Cairns, Australia on September 4, 2006. He was 44. According to media reports, Steve was killed by a stingray barb that went through his chest, while he was filming for a marine documentary. He is survived by his American-born wife and their two children. His family is planning a private funeral that may well take place next week.

Real Crocodile Tears

Since Monday, millions of people worldwide have expressed their sympathy on his sudden demise. Upon hearing this news that morning, undeniably I too felt so sad. I used to watch his shows on Animal Planet on satellite TV, and in most times I felt that he is a "saviour" to the animal kingdom. What is more important is that he has taught us how to appreciate mother nature, particularly the wildlife. His enthusiasm and tireless love for animals made him popular and a very unique man indeed. For this, he will always be remembered for his works toward nature conservation and preservation. My heartfelt condolences go out to his family, his fans all over world, and Australians in general whom many consider him as a national hero. May Steve rest in peace.

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The Spirit of Merdeka

01 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:58 PM in ,

31 August, or yesterday is Malaysia's National Day. This year's theme is again "Keranamu Malaysia" or "For You Malaysia".

TheStar August 31, 2006:

"After 49 years of independence, the transformation of Malaysia into one of the wealthiest developing nations has been astounding. We have definitely come a long way, thanks to the spirit of patiotism and nationalism displayed by all Malaysians. While we rolled along with much care, we could not avoid being shaken up by the occasional bump on the road. But we prevailed. In the final analysis, Malaysia has set off on a steady track."

Malaysia (then Malaya) gained independence from Britain on 31 August 1957. What amazed me is that Malaysia's independence was somehow unique because it was a peaceful independence achieved through diplomacy between the British and the people of all races and cultures in Malaysia. There wasn't any major conflict or tussle between the local people but instead the people were united in bringing full independence and freedom to their lives.

On that glorious 31st, Malaysia's first prime minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman officially proclaimed our independence, by shouting "Merdeka" three times in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Essentially, this historic proclaimation mark the beginning of what Malaysia is today.

Malaysia is home to many different cultures, ethnic groups and religions, all living together in harmony and happiness. This has been true since independence, of course, there were some racial clashes many years ago but it has been "subsided" ever since. As you stroll around Kuala Lumpur or any other parts of the country, you will come across different place of worship and different tastes of food. All these reflect Malaysia's culture diversity and the mutual respect that the people have for one another. As an example, near the place where I live now, there is a church located opposite a mosque, and a Chinese temple not very far away. Indeed, this is the beauty of Malaysia.

Above are some snapshots taken from Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC), where one of the world's tallest buildings - the Petronas Twin Towers are standing majestically, on the eve of Malaysia's National Day.

Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan ke-49!

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