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The day that most Emmanuelites have been waiting for has finally arrived on 18 May. UnbelievaBall!!!

The sold-out Ball was the biggest, grandest, most formal event I've attended since coming to Australia!

The Young Guys of Henderson-Wing

Before this, I did not have a suit (never thought of attending such thing so soon). No proper attire. I was undecided whether to go or not to go. Praise God that I managed to borrow one that suits Me nicely from a friend, and that really encouraged Me not to miss out the fun!

Hendo Guys here we come!

Ball Registration and Cocktail began at 6.30pm in College's quad. The photos below will do the talking for Me.

The first kiss of the night

Three and Four

The ladies all set to go

Unforgettable memories

Two cheesy smiles...

Transporting us to the surprise venue

By 7.20pm almost 400 people were up at their respective buses. Imagine that we don't even know where we're heading to as the Ball venue wasn't disclosed to us at all. It was not stated in our tickets. Everyone was guessing... Hilton Hotel? Queen Street? One odd guess is Brisbane Stadium.

Someone told Me that hotel venue is unlikely. And no one knows exactly where for sure. Gonna be a huge surprise for us.

Guys, can you guess what kind of venue the Ball was held?

More unbelievable photos and answer to this question in Part II, so stay tune.

To be continued---

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Gold Coast Part II

25 May, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 4:06 PM in ,

Part II of my day trip to Surfers Paradise on May 12. Have fun viewing my photos!

Welcome to Surfers Paradise @ Gold Coast

"The Tan Brothers" in Queensland, of course we missed our other brothers in Melbourne.

Time for window shopping. When guys do shopping together they buy nothing, agree?

Chin Tan knows exactly where to shop, that is at - Condom Kingdom. It's my first time entering an adult shop.

---People beware---Adult content below---

Tried to "censor" as many part of this picture, but then again there'll be no point for Me to post it here. I want to show my friends back home about the openness of "sex culture" in Australia.

Later, we saw some kids being taught how to fly like the legendary king of rock, Elvis Presley.

Surfers Paradise has a fantastic, clean-looking white sandy beach. So much cleaner than the ones in Malaysia hahaha.

White doves everywhere, interesting...

Breathtaking view of Surfers Paradise

Me with the majestic post-modern Q1 in the background. Q1 is currently the world's tallest residential tower and the tallest building in Australia.

I saw some people surfing, interestingly at this point of time. Now is the beginning of winter season, I mean very mild winter.

Top two candidates for the position of Lifeguard. Haha reminds Me of the macho men in the film, Baywatch.

Not cool-at-all karate kick

I look like a little boy fresh from school here.

My trip buddies... Craig, Dr Ang Kee and Chin Tan.

Someone is hoping to get rich fast... gold searching at Gold Coast!

Blogging from university library computer lab. Right now I don't have a proper Internet connection as I've ran out of usage quota. I'll try to top-up soon, or wait till next month for my quota allowance to be replenished again. Also my final exams are coming real soon... so will update blog less often. Have a nice weekend guys!

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Miss Malaysia World 2007

21 May, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 7:25 PM in

To all my beloved friends and blog reader...

Can you guys do Me a very simple favour? I need you guys to vote for my friend's girlfriend in the upcoming finals of Miss Malaysia World 2007 : Beauty with a purpose.

Her name is GRACE OON Ming Yu. She is 18 and a college student. She could be one of the youngest participant in this year's FINALS !!! Her figure is 32-24-33, indeed AWESOME!

She is good in Rhythmic Gymnastics and Cheerleading. She describes herself as being a very discipline girl who continuously strive for success.

"To publish a magazine and to own a fashion Boutique. I am a disciplined young lady who is determined to be successful in the future, I work hard to get what I want. The opportunity of being part of MMW 2007, takes me one step closer to my dreams."

She's currently no.2 in the overall ranking, so you ALL can do your part in HELPING this petite young lady to bring her AMBITION closer to her!

Be quick and think no more.

Click here to VOTE HER at mix.FM's website

Thank you guys.

As promised earlier my next post will be Part II of my day trip to Gold Coast.

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Gold Coast Part I

| Written by Patchay at 11:29 AM in ,

Hey all... sorry for the absence over the last few days.

Well I was at the Gold Coast on 12th May, spending some time off from studies with my ex-Monash mate, Mr Hiresh "Tan" and his buddy Chin "Tan", as well as a bunch of wonderful new friends we met from Student Life.

Shots of our journey to Gold Coast's Cascade Gardens, where we had a BBQ lunch (we set it up) before heading to Surfers Paradise (pictures to be posted in Part II).

Oh yeah... as usual Hiresh will be uttering his craps, lame jokes in the car. While the outside was pleasing, the car inside was really noisy.

Welcome to Gold Coast

This time we excluded all the wonderlands here. We wanted to see more of Gold Coast, and by the way, this place is not just about amusement parks but serene gardens, clean waterways (I saw a number of canals within residential areas) and sandy white beaches.

Also, I was told that the nightlife here is good.

Happy-go-lucky boys...

Craig, Hiresh, Me and a doctorate student from China, Dr Ang Kee ...eee.

Craig was our humble host (humble driver lol) for this trip. It was my first time sitting on a pickup vehicle. He drove us there with his Holden Turbo.

So you can guess how fast we were traveling...

Dr Ang Kee is quite mischievous and "hamsap". He was looking at Craig's ass through the rear window. Imagine that for him being a pH-D student.

He's also professional at talking to girls, having most of the girls' phone numbers at the end of this trip.

Cascade Gardens

We play many games; I thought that the best game was "BULL Rush". We were running around trying to catch each other, really reminds Me of my early school days.

After games, we head to the BBQ pit to see what the ladies were doing. Preparing food for us? There you can see fried onions, beef and pork. Smells good!

After lunch, it was time for my infamous "cam-whoring" session... like this one below...

Instantly, you can tell who is more handsome from this picture.

Chin is a child paedophile. Look at him doing a pose with an innocent little girl. He did not ask for her permission before taking this picture.

One seeker and one poser

Bollywood-style of hiding behind trees. Look at Hiresh's face closely!

Patchay pOpJump

I would prefer doing something more cool.

Here's my latest trademark - pOpJump! (for those who know, should I pay loyalty to smashpOp?)

We got together by sitting in one circle, one big circle.

Here's everyone...

Coming up Next: Gold Coast Part II - Surfers Paradise

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Anzac Day

16 May, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:34 AM in , ,

Blog update for Anzac Day Formal Dinner on April 26.

Anzac Day Formal Dinner

Anzac Day is something similar to a National Memorial Day. It is commemorated on April 25 each year to remember Australian and New Zealand troops that had died during World War I.

Of course, it was a public holiday in these two countries.

Advance Australia Fair (Verse 1 of 5)

We collegians sang the National Anthem in the spirit of patriotism. I just followed. We also stood up in silence for a minute or two as an act of respect.


Lastly the food that night was steak and dessert was a very large serving of deliciously sweet and soft pavlova. So sweet that it makes Me smile whole night through =P

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Buddha Festival in Australia

11 May, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 5:38 PM in

I've been blogging so much about college life and party events. Even I'm getting bored of it.

Now let's break-away from those things, and I shall present to you a very different perspective to my Aussie life here. This time not about angmoh... now about hua ren or thong yan or teng lang.

Warren and Me

On the windy evening of May 5, Me and Singaporean college-mate, Warren was at South Bank to witness something spectacular, something that we as Asians have not even witnessed or participated back home.

Evening at South Bank

South Bank is famous for its artificial-miniature white-sand beach by the side of Brisbane River. Play areas, a romantic-style esplanade, al fresco cafes, cineplexes, an art gallery, a museum and a huge performing arts centre... you can find all these here!

This place is usually peaceful, but tonight it was 10 times more crowded than what I've seen before. There must be something spectacular.

That something spectacular I'm talking about is ... Brisbane's Annual Buddha Birthday Festival. Sounds interesting arh?

Malaysia has Wesak Day as a public holiday, but I've not seen such a massive celebration like this before. Well maybe because I'm not a Buddhist, so you may say that I'm ignorant.

But here in Brisbane, this is doubted to be the biggest annual multi-cultural event.

Concerts in English and Chinese and tanglung lanterns all along the esplanade. Really make Me feel like Chinese New Year is coming...

VIP of Queensland?

He said, "Buddhism is the fastest growing foreign religion in Australia." Why? My answer is because of the huge influx of Asians to here. Let's celebrate multi-culturism!

There were lotsa stalls selling food and souvenirs at the parkland area.

As I was busy eating my dinner, the cultural show started in Suncorp Piazza. I missed the earlier lion dance performance. Oh no! I've totally forgotten about it.

Show: Ball juggling and showmanship. Not too bad. He entered the hall with style, having one or two coloured balls in his hands... and started playing them like a clown.

Next thing you see is 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 balls... all rolling upwards at one go!

Lotsa hot chics. I want to be there!!! There were 3 average looking guys doing the infamous "sweeping-the-floor" exercise LOL.

Kung Fu... then Wushu... with Jay Chou's Fearless (movie starred by Jet Li) music in the background. I can see some people sitting in the front row getting very excited...

After Chinese martial arts, we were entertained again with hip-hop and break-dancing. How is that? A very modern blend to a cultural event like this.


I didn't really pay much attention to the orchestra music, but I guess it was pretty much synchronized.

Remembering this song make Me feel sad for MJ

Show ended with a song: We're The World by "Ma-kel Jak-sun" (how Michael Jackson was pronounced by the Asian-accent host).

Chinese Cultural & Arts Bazaar

Trust Me the atmosphere at South Bank tonight doesn't tell that you're in Australia. You would probably feel that you're in China all of a sudden.

"Ni hao, wo hao, ta jiao hao... are you hao?" Voices like these are not surprising here in multi-cultural, ethnically diversed Australia.

Celaka sial... at this stage my camera ran out of battery. There's one last exciting thing to capture, and luckily with Warren's camera I could take some shots. Thanks bro!

Pah Pah... Pah Pah

Yes, the most exciting part of the night was a 20-minutes fireworks in the city. I never thought I could see such a display before New Year 2008. Remember it is Buddha Festival on this day, awesome!

Victoria Bridge connects South Bank and City

One last shot. Goodnight from South Bank.

To Mama... Happy Mother's Day!

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