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Malaysia's Independence Day

30 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:07 PM in ,

50 Years of Merdeka. 50 Years of Independence.

Patchay wishes all Malaysians: Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan yang Ke-50!

[See also Malaysia City. Banner image courtesy of SSC Malaysia]

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J5 Games Nights

29 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:45 AM in ,

*** *** ***
1st Games Night 20 July 2007

This gentleman in red has a funny name = Passy !!! Haha.

And I wonder why he always called Me - Birmingham?

Oldies and newbies to university this semester two.

Joey instructing people how to do his famous invention, that is The Chicken Dance.

Introducing the "Tissue-Wrapped" candidates.

Wanna know what happenned next?


This guy is soo lovely ... lol.

Our beloved J5 leader showing off his unnatural things... Whilst he's holding a fire extinguisher and a ladies handbag.

He had a microphone and a tissue roll... that is his torch.

My group's candidate is Victorious!

A vacuum cleaner with water bottle at the opening, a pink bag turned over covering his head (partly suffocating him), a packet of potato chips, a fern and a traditional ladies scarf on his shoulder.

And he's catwalk was the most hilarious!

Awesome people. This is the first batch of newcomers I met at the beginning of this semester.

Singaporeans. Clement (left), Daniel and Jeremy.

Another batch of newcomers from Guangdong, Southern China.

*** *** ***
2nd Games Night 27 July 2007

Irresistible raspberry and blackberry cheese cake!

Last person must act out what's been told to the next person, he or she then act to the next, and the last person will have to guess what is it.

Haha Peace, Peace sign. (Asians just love the Peace sign!)

If you hold a camera, then you'll be the photographer. That's the thing that makes Me fuss for not being included in group pictures at most times :p

Coming Up Next: Patchay in Amazing Race Brisbane

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A Graduation Ceremony

25 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:14 AM in ,

Date: 18 July 2007
Time: Evening
Place: UQ Centre, St Lucia Campus

For the first time, I entered into a Graduation Ceremony, or what they called a "Ceremony for the Conferring of Awards."

And I was late... but I got in for FREE... sitting at the top podium like any other visitors.

I was invited by Mary Chin (middle), whom I called her one of my "cheh cheh" (sister) in Australia. She called Me "didi" (younger brother) too.

Congratulations to you, again...

I can still remember that she brought Me a tupperware of her homecook Nasi Lemak. That was last semester.

You know I stay in College, so I rarely get to eat Malaysian food.

These are her very close friends.

Mary and Chee Siang, who came all the way from QUT.

The tall Mexican guy is kinda jovial.

He told Me some facts about Mauritius, the home country of the guy on the left.

Facts such as the speed of the air from your fart can't be more than a certain limit, how funny Mauritians live etc.

This "Uncle" could speak a little Chinese. He declined to tell Me where he's from (most likely Malaysian hor?).

We took a group picture with the Professionals, and I only got to know that we/Mary have to pay quite alot for our picture. WTH.

The climax was this. Mary threw her hat... the next thing was... it landed on Me while I was taking this picture !!! Ouuchhh...

Everybody laugh like hell. You better not laugh at Me!

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J5 Birthdays & Farewell

19 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 2:26 PM in ,

Here's a summary of Birthdays in Judah 5 and a Farewell; before the beginning of this semester, during my winter holidays in Brisbane.


Cintia Ho's Birthday 18 June '07

Right after my last (exam) paper last semester... we, Judah 5 celebrated Cintia Ho's (middle) birthday. Dinner at Sunnybank, thereafter a Surprise Birthday Welcome at her home.


Sunny's Friend's Birthday 28 June '07

Friends from Macau and Hong Kong

A birthday celebration on the same day I moved into Sunny and Patrick Chen's home in Toowong.


Joel Soon's Birthday 12 July '07

Again a surprise birthday for one of our Judah 5 brother, Joel Soon. I've known him since primary, high school in Malaysia, and now university in Australia.

After flower presentation (he said "what is this man?"), birthday song, group picture, all of sudden there was a "Sabo" (as in Sabotage).

How would you feel if you were treated like above on your Birthday, furthermore if you're caught unprepared?

Snowman or Santa Claus? Happy 20th Birthday, Joel !

After wash-up, here is your Super Choco-Cheese Cake baked by one of our brother.


Shin Yee's Birthday 27 July '07

Preparation for the Surprise Birthday. Rehearsing the song we gonna sing for her.

Cool... candles, lights glowing in the night... with joyful music in the background.

Then... she arrived... shocked... very happy with little tears... speechless! We sang some songs and wished her Happy Birthday, very gracefully.

Sin Yee and her "Chi Muis" (sisters in Christ)

Shi Yee and her brothers in Christ


Puay Siong's and Daniel Boon's Birthday 3 August '07

Puay Siong is our Judah 5 unit leader. Thus, we need to impress him, at least a little bit, lol !

Note: The guy with the violin is Sunny, my housemate last month. He's very very good at violin, guitar and piano.

Three brothers blindfolded both Puay Siong and Daniel. Brought them to this place, and when they could see...

Puay Siong's girlfriend was singing gracefully, soo romantic that it even touches my heart lol. Imagine with the violinist and guitarist who played very awesome too!

Not just that, all other brothers and sisters of Judah 5 were background singers at the back.

Each one of us was holding a candle that illuminated the night soo uniquely.

The cake boy came... Happy Birthday Puay Siong and Daniel !

Cutting cake time...

The Birthday Boys with the girls...

and the other males.


John Voon's Farewell 30 July '07

John read through all our farewell messages and questions specially directed to him.

But he couldn't answer things like.. "Which girl you like in Judah 5?" Never mind. I guess we know who she is.

John made a wonderful speech in the end. We were very grateful to what he had brought to all of us, and we were very sad to see him leaving us for good.

A simple, easy-going, well-mannered and English-speaking Hong Kong-born Malaysian parentage Australian resident, John has helped Me in many ways as well. I thanked John for all of that.

I wished him all the best in his studies, future career, future endeavour back in his home country. I congratulated him for being one of the very few choosen to do a course at The University of Hong Kong.

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Ipswich City Part III

13 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 7:03 PM in

Ipswich Part III of III : University Ipswich Campus

Ok guys, I'm studying at The University of Queensland (UQ) main campus at St Lucia, Zone 2 of Brisbane City. Below is one of another two campuses of my university - at Ipswich, and another one at Gatton (have not been there).

Located 10 minutes by bus from Ipswich City Square is UQ's newest campus. Many of the buildings here are old, but restored, including some State heritage-listed structures built 100 over years ago.

The "Welcome to UQ Ipswich Campus" impression is so much better than the one in my so-called main campus.

The first cowboy-looking house I saw when I stepped out of the public bus.

Tranquility on-campus. Very nice indeed.

University Drive carpark

School of Health Sciences (I guess so?)

Back lane...

Life is so slow here - 15km per hour. Beware of your speed, drive or walk, because the security car could chase after you if you exceed the limit LOL.

After class, chill-lah outside. Traditional wooden tables and chairs already provided.

The feeling, ambience, atmosphere is sooooo... unique... traditional... historical... pleasing... untouched, Wild Wild West. I really don't know how to describe it.

When I was here, a lecture was going on in this house. With modern facilities inside... you know!

On higher ground...

Classroom(s)... haha I'm soo lovin' it!

Building 28: Arts and Contemporary Studies

Modernity and heritage combination. There are many al fresco style cafes around, but one thing this place is damm QUIET. No life.

Instruction: "Go up the little wooden stairs, walk along this verandah and enter your designated classroom."

Please bear in mind this is a University, not tadika (kindergarten)! How cool...

The words on the wall state: UQ Boilerhouse - A Community Engagement Centre.

Huh apa ini, sumore got soo long chimney?

Apparently, this building was formerly a hospital's boilerhouse or steam room built in 1913. Now it is used as a community research centre.

UQ Business School Ipswich Campus

Omg so much bigger, nicer and more sophisticated than my Business School at main campus. It's so large here but I could rarely see any student inside.

Business School (left) and Library (right)

*** ***

UQ Ipswich Campus Library

This is an award-winning eco-friendly library.

Wow... mini rainforest inside Library...

Library services counters

Ground floor e-zone. Basically area for computers and projectors.

Discussion area. There's even a stream of flowing water (looks like a drain to Me haha) by the side of walkway.

Very nice place to study and have a siesta!!! (btw I haven't even posted pictures of my main campus libraries right?)

Study area upstairs...

*** ***

Campus sports lane. Adjacent is the usual UQ Sports Centre.

Campus sided by a fence-less humongous Golf Course. Literally one foot out of campus is this huge parkland. Next to it is Ipswich Show Grounds.

I don't know what is this red roof thingy... can't remember. Never mind. Anyway it is a landmark structure in this campus. Hahaha hilariously small, weird, insignificant to Me...

Alright guys. Bus stop and yes this is the end of University Ipswich Campus tour.

*** ***

Here comes the END of my series of tours. To my faithful readers, I thank you all for viewing my photos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! In coming months, I'll continue to travel to different places and of course more and more photos will come. --Don't get excited now!

Anyway, semester has started so I'll be pretty busy with studies etc. Following this post, I'll blog about the things I did during holidays apart from my tours.

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