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Emmanuel College

27 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 7:53 PM in , , ,

Hey there people. How was your CNY celebrations? Hope you already got back to school or work lol.

Today is my fourth day of school here in Brisbane. Here's some photos of where I'm currently dwelling ...everyday !!!

Known as Emmanuel College, it's a co-ed residential college within my university. Apparently it's modelled after Emmanuel College in Cambridge, Harvard and elsewhere. Entry requirements include good grades, good references and good extra-curriculum. So now you know Me ! Ooops ... oh yeah... there was supposed to be an interview before entry, but I escaped !

The college fee is VERY expensive though; but the environment is just too supportive, at least for Me to excel in my studies. High expectations again.

Not to worry ...the brothers and sisters here are quite friendly. About a dozen Asians only, compared to about 300 Australians, Americans, or whatever.

Four Malaysians including Me, a few from Singapore, 2 from Hong Kong, 2 from Japan etc. I remember correctly that there were one or two from England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Fiji, France and Canada.

So believe me that I've met most of the "Freshers" here !

As many as 10 wings in this college. The Douglas (left) and Henderson (near the trees), where my room is located. The grassy area is where I would love to have picnic with those college chicks, haha just kidding anyway.

Food looks good ...sometimes. Taste-wise can't be compared to back home. Always with a drink of orange juice, such a pity lol. And I have a formal dinner once a week, got to dressed up like Harry Porter ! Will elaborate more on college food and events next time, pardon Me.

Sigh...I realized I haven't took any pictures for breakfast? Better do so tomorrow !

Gtg...Byebye and have a nice day :) [Next post: Toga Party]

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New Life Begins

26 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 9:45 PM in

Goodbye Kuala Lumpur =)

I miss HOME very much !!! I missed Chinese New Year angpows and food, my family members and friends.

My 8 hours flight brought Me to a new haven called Brisbane, capital of the Queensland state. 45-minutes drive south from this city is Gold Coast (and Surfers Paradise), or an hour drive to the north is Sunshine Coast.

Touched down safely in Brisbane around 7.50pm local time here on the 17th. For sure, this place is gonna be my HOME for the next two years ! Yeah... currently doing 2nd year BCom at The University of Queensland. (Don't ask me why I came here instead of Monash Melbourne lol)

Whew...feeling sleepy already ...gotta say good night guys ! Watch out for next update: My Hostel called Emmanuel College

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The Send Off

23 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 5:42 PM in ,

The day that I've been waiting for years had finally arrived ! Yahhooo ... ...

At 9.10am on 17 February, I boarded a Malaysia Airlines direct flight to Brisbane, Australia. But I never thought I'll be there for the next two years instead of Melbourne, ...never mind then. Still new experience for Me, right ?

My family bidding Me farewell

And it was on the eve of Chinese New Year that I've to leave my family and friends already sob...sob... Haha...can't "pai nian" with you all and no more "ang pow" (red packet) for Me. Zero income this New Year !

Sarah Jane, Me and John

Would like to thank my cell leader, Sarah; and John and Karen (not in picture) for coming all the way to KLIA this early morning to say Goodbye to Me. Keep in touch ok !

I also thank all friends who brought Me out for some makan-makan prior to my departure. Wishing you guys and girls Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays !!!

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Goodbye Buffet

21 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:19 PM in

Here's my last and grandest farewell just days before I left for Australia. Held at the Lemon Garden Cafe of Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, the awesome buffet lunch was given by my elder sister (and family). Do have fun looking at my food snapshots !

Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni ... Chinese New Year is around the corner ! So why not start the New Year with a toss of Yee Sang.

For those who do not know, Yee Sang is a traditional Chinese-style raw fish salad; usually eaten only at the start of every Chinese New Year. According to Chinese customs, the dish is taken to symbolise abundance and prosperity.

My first round of serving (after Yee Sang) looks weird, and really too much for a start isn't it?

Well the seafood section at this cafe really amazed Me wowwow. So I added some fresh oysters and shrimps into my plate, which is already fully-occupied with some kind of Italian salads.

Hohoho...I just can't resist my seafood platter any more...oysters, mussels and shrimps ...

This is my Dad's selection. Oysters, smoked salmon (far top) and two plates of unknown cold dishes (not dessert ok).

My third round ... really it was just the beginning. Baked lamb (left, clockwise), slices of black pepper beef, a small chunk of chicken breast and salmon with cheesy sauce. A towering potato in the middle.

Almost given up the buffet already. But I can't go without tasting Malaysia's favourite food - the satay -aka- meat-skewed on sticks with spicy peanut gravy. Haha ...accompanying the satay was siew mai and char siew pau =)

Had to stop eating for a while ...waiting for my food in stomach to fully digest lol ! Much later, I had a plate consisting of various types of Chinese dim sums - chicken and seafood rolls as well as a piece of Chinese crunchy mushroom.

The coolest thing in the buffet was dipping cubes of honeydew fruit into a bowl of chocolate fondue. Then you'll get Chocola-Honey-Fondue-dew ! You can try using other fruits too ... such as strawberry?

Two words = superb desserts. Fruits, chocolates, cakes and mix-flavoured ice-cream. Interestingly the Kiwi fruit (left) were placed onto a pavlova, which is made by beating egg whites with caster sugar (damm sweet!) and vanilla.

This is my only dessert plate. The "special ones" served in small saucers. On the far-top leftside of the plate is chocolate cheese cake, and far-top right is chocolate cake. Prawn crackers being used for decoration purposes.

Desserts with some brown dates, long skinny biscuits (don't even know exactly what it is called) and dried nutmeg.

Really crazy lunch isn't it? Yet I missed the Indian tandoori, Middle Eastern kebab, English bread, Chinese noodle and other dessert or fresh fruit sections.

That's for all now, reporting from Brisbane, Australia.

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Norbit Premiere

15 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 9:58 PM in ,

Thank You to Shaz for inviting Me (and my friends) to the Norbit Grand Premiere in Malaysia at GSC 1 Utama on February 10.

Eu Jin and Me

Both of us had the chance of watching Norbit as early as 6 days before the official release in Malaysia. We arrived early and later joined about 120 of Shaz's friends in Hall 3. Yes...the entire hall was reserved only for Shaz and all his invited friends !

Jack (left), Me and Shaz

At last I met Jack Lim in person ! I once said that we have many things in common, from what we study to admiring architecture ???

Me, Shaz and my DJ friends - Daniel (left), Eu Gene and Joel

Thank you Buddies for coming. It's never hard to believe that Joel was still in his primetime sleeping at home when the movie was due to start at 10.10am. Anyway, the show was pretty good for its humourous nature and Eddie Murphy's showmanship talent in three main casts !

I'll be leaving for Australia this Saturday morning. Will continue to keep you guys informed here ok ! God Bless.

Note: All pictures above courtesy of Shaz's personal blog. I wish all Chinese readers a happy and prosperous Year of the Boar.

- Happy Chinese New Year [新年快了] - Gong Xi Fa Cai; Kong Hey Fatt Choy (Cantonese) and Kiong Hee Huat Chai (Hokkien) -

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A Farewell Delight

14 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:46 PM in ,

My Farewell Dinner on 9 February with ex-DJians at TGIF 1U. Below are some photos that will help me do the talking ...

This is the long table chaired by Me. The Banana Passion boys sat near me while the girls sat at the far end. Looks like they're really avoiding me.

The girls smiled because today is Friday. Not because of Me or Edmund (right). They didn't cry for Me either, although it was my fare-farewell. How I wish they give Me a kiss on my cheek lol !

Finally, the bill came after our cam-whore session. The waiter who brought the bill to Me looks frightening.

Indeed the price was frightening too ... a whopping RM482.65, including more than RM60 for service taxes !!! I didn't bring that much money, so how? I was already prepared to spend a night or more washing plates there. Luckily I told them "Go Dutch" beforehand right?

The last few minutes for these four musketeers to mingle around. Again, a million Thank You to all who came and bid Me farewell. I really appreciate all your good wishes too.

It's getting very late now so I better go to bed. We shall all keep in touch till the next outing ya !

I take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day. Make sure you don't forget to do something sincerely for your loved ones ok. Rose Rose Candle Candle Hug Hug Kiss Kiss =)

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Ms Wei Yiing

12 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 2:18 PM in ,

"Auld Lang Syne" to Ms Yap Wei Yiing, the Great Sister of DJ, St John's and Monash ...lol ! Good luck to you (and others as well) in Aussieland !

The people mamak-ing after a Manhattan fishy farewell dinner. Sighh Karl... you stole the spotlight-lah !!! Sorry WL for the half picture k ?

The following day had steamboat lunch with Wei Yiing (2d from right) and the other Great Sisters.

"Say cheese guys ..." Ummhhh ... The Banana Passion people posing again !!!

That's all for now. Next post will be my Farewell Dinner @ TGIF ! Lastly, wishing a prosperous and joyful New Year to all Chinese readers.

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Ser Yoong's Day

11 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 2:16 AM in ,

Lim Ser Yoong (middle) is big enough to determine what kind of sex life he really wants. And we all came to witness his maturity "turning point" (crap-lah) on 4th February when he officially turned 20. "Go on Ser ... you're never too young to start the race now !"

And it was "The Banana Passion" people again (except Amanda the only girl there) who were waiting to take this picture more than a year already.

Minutes after minutes, we just can't control our hormones no longer. So some people went on to near kiss him on the cheek. Perhaps others wanted elsewhere lol.

I almost screwed up the entire night debating politics with Lean and Zi Yang until Ser Yoong told us something ...

[Quoting a friend, Karl]

Ser Yoong mentioned that his room mate has sex on a frequent basis. We, being the guys that've never had sex before, all went omgwtfplskthxbai almost immediately.

What Yoong's pissed about is that he (the room mate) has sex so much, that even during exam period it gets rather noisy. Cause of like you, sex. Sex is noisy. Well, sex can be quiet too, but then it doesn't really sound like sex eh. "Doesn't sound like sex". Get it? Quiet sex doesn't sound like sex.

What the f*** ? So now I know ... and you know too !!!

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The Big Bloggers Meet

06 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 3:15 PM in ,

The 3rd installment of The Big Bloggers Meet went on smoothly last Saturday (Feb 3). Historically, it was my first hangout with these people. It was held at the Wizard World Cafe in Sungai Wang.

That morning I woke up very late and without further delay took the LRT near home, changed to the Monorail at KL Sentral and reached Bukit Bintang station exactly noon. ***

Never thought that there was a 4D horror-themed amusement inside the restaurant ! And we all got to enjoy it at no extra cost ! But I had quite an expensive lunch ... and in just a while the frustration was overcomed by the joyous cam-whoring session.

The left-most guy here is Xianjin. He's currently rebranding himself, most probably calling himself Shaz like what I called him throughout the party. The real Shaz (2nd from right) took his name instead !

Next to Xianjin is Calvin Tay, Eujin, Mikel, Me, (Shaz) and Kingsley Sia (already confirmed with him that he's not related to Kenny Sia, that's what I heard rite?). The young babe here is Cheryl.

Mikel in the middle, with his trademark facial expression. Many pics I took with him from previous meets showed the same type of pose. The nice girl here is known as PinkPau, luckily not Char Siew Pau la. Honestly I really like that "pink pau" name lol !

The look-alike couple here was Rames and Kellster, both of them took almost a quarter area size of this picture !

I was behind there with the other bloggers ...ooops at one time I was leaning on Nazrul's arm hahaha. Yes he's the Cucuk Langit (Sky Poking?) Uncle. To the right was another couple - Asyraf and Stephanie.

Below is my usual way of putting pictures together.

(First row; l-r) The first picture showcasing Suey, Elaine and Me. Next, 4 boys posed their "stupid" faces together; there were smashpOp, Bryan, Slinky and Me. Then, there was the happy Jed whom I met in New Year Countdown Party posing with Me during the personal cam-whoring session.

(Middle row; l-r) Me and another Su Ann ... and guess what? She was my ex-schoolmate and perhaps even ex-classmate many years ago (haha not very sure but please forgive me ya !). Next was the guy who may as well changed his name alltogether to PinkFrog, but of course he rebranded himself as Shaz that time. And lastly there was Me, Ming and Amanda !

(Last row; l-r) Someone came to me and say we look like a couple? huh? No misunderstanding ok ! Then it was PinkPau with Me again. Finally, some time with Dr Tan, the co-organizer of this meet-up and who happens to be my uni-coursemate. Next to Dr Tan is Joshua, Me and Eujin.

Here's the group photo. They were a total of 69 bloggers who came, and we had lotsa of fun in many ways ... and some left before this group take. Long time blogger Minishorts was there too !

So now you know how many people I missed cam-whoring with ! But I guess I shook more or less 60 different hands and had a little conversation with most of them. I really really did all that ! In the end, congrats to those who came and the organizing people.

To the Ones at the party: If you have pictures with Me or any pictures you would like to share, feel free to drop a message here or send them to my email: patchayik[at]yahoo.com. Thanks. Post published today Feb 7 ; using new laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium OS =)

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Iguana & Worms

05 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 3:36 PM in

Good day people. I just realised that it's already almost 3 months of my university break. Time really flies when you're busy with your daily activities. Well in less than 2 weeks, I'll be leaving home for studies in Australia. Hahaha I just started to feel really excited !!!

Anyway, the other day I visited 5 pet shops and a dog food wholesaler all in a single day ! I was not looking for a pet but helping my uncle from Ipoh to do his pet business in KL.

The green iguana looks very active even though it has not eaten for the entire day, according to one of the pet shop owner.

You're are now looking inside the world of worms. These redworms are meant to be fish food. The fishes in this pet shop consume as much as 4 containers of the one shown above everyday !

There were other pets that look equally adorable. Sadly I didn't manage to snap them as I had insufficient time. So that's all for now and stay tuned to the next post: The Big Bloggers Meet.

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