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Casino Royale Singapore

29 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:30 AM in ,

--- Courtesy of Patchay@SkyscraperCity & SSC Forumers.

When was your last trip to Singapore and how did you spend your holidays there? Honestly, I had not much "Buzz" when I last visited the nation state a few months back.

Future Buzz

But in a few years time, things will change dramatically.... The recent announcement of the first casino within an Integrated Resort (IR) at Marina Bay will put Singapore on the forefront of travel destinations in continental Asia if not the world. Very soon, the Singaporean government will announce the winner of the second IR at resort island, Sentosa.

Whose fantasy will prevail at Sentosa?

Take a look at the 3 final proposals and why not dream for your choice in Singapore...

1. Genting-Star Cruises' Resorts World Sentosa

The proposed resort city caters to the mass-market; focusing on family and children's entertainment and edutainment.

Highlights of Resorts World Sentosa:

  1. A theme park by Universal Studios consisting of more than 22 featured mega-attractions.
  2. Quest Marine Life Park is to be the world's largest oceanarium, also include bat rays, dolphin and shark sanctuary and the world's largest collection of coral reef and open ocean fish.
  3. Equarius Water Park, a water theme park with water-based adventure rides such as ‘Water Coaster’ and 'Snakes and Ladders’, all integrated within the natural tropical environment.
  4. Maritime Xperiential Museum, said to be the only museum in the world dedicated to the maritime heritage of Asia and marine archaeology. One of the centrepieces of the museum will be a 360-degree multimedia-rotating theatre where visitors board an Arabia-bound vessel that sank near Singapore 1,100 years ago.
  5. A zone dedicated as the "Shopping adventure of Asia" consisting of the world's largest collection of 'flagship concept stores' such as Cartier, Nike and Hamleys.
  6. Six hotels, including a hotel-cum-casino designed by world famous architect, Michael Graves, a Hard Rock Hotel and a six-star hotel-cum-spa by the world renowned ESPA brand. There will be spa therapies with dolphin interaction in specially created spa lagoons.
  7. A biomed research and learning centre led by world renowned genomics scientist, Dr J Craig Venter.

2. Kerzner-Capitaland's Atlantis Sentosa

The second bidder is by luxury hospitality group, Kerzner partnering developer, Capitaland. The proposed resort, named after the underwater lost city of Atlantis, and the resort atmosphere is set ahead of time in the year 3000.

The resemblance of fish, salad, soaked tissue papers or a Mid-autumn festival lantern immediately comes into your mind. The proposed city will have gigantic glass canopies, if built, will become the most iconic landmark for Singapore.

Highlights of Atlantis Sentosa:

  1. The Sail - two gigantic glass-and-steel structure that looks like a lotus flower, that will constantly change its appearance, driven by dynamic technology systems that run through its architecture and contents.
  2. A water theme park called Aquaventure that would have 14 spectacular rides, such as Squid Tower Slide Complex, River Rides and Crab Playground.
  3. Coral Lagoon, to be the world's largest coral lagoon and the world's biggest man-made coral reef where visitors could snorkel or dive. Within the resort, it has the world's biggest jellyfish exhibition, a shark tunnel and sites for deep-sea scuba diving.
  4. Aquasphere, the world's largest and most technologically advanced aquarium (bigger than Resorts').
  5. AquaLabs featuring a centrepiece futuristic mechanical fish and its habitat as well as other interactive and edutainment contents.
  6. The Gardens of Robotanica displaying some 1,000 species of natural and mechanical or robotic flora and fauna. Guests will also interact with walking robots.
  7. Gastronomical international cuisines in high-end established restaurants featuring celebrity chefs such as Joel Robuchon, Gordon Ramsay, Santi Santamaria and Sanjeev Kapoor.
  8. An entertainment hub for 4 international TV stations - Discovery Channel, MTV, Nickelodeon and Johnson's.
  9. Teens-only Club Rush - with entry barred for adults - will have Internet video games, movies, dancing; and a little chocolate and candy factory targeted at youngsters.

3. Eighth Wonder's Harry's Island Sentosa

Called the Harry's Island, perhaps it is the most 'fictional-looking' resort in the world! Yes, it is also the most expensive plan among the three bidders.

Highlights of Harry's Island:

  1. In the centre, sits a giant artificial dormant volcano island (Jurassic Park look alike arena), which promises free nightly shows and a theme park with 35 rides and attractions.
  2. The Caldera - a centrepiece 10-storey waterfall within Harry's Island.
  3. Ten hotels, including a hotel built around a football stadium affiliated to Brazilian soccer star Pele.
  4. A wellness, spa, yoga retreat run by new-age guru Deepak Chopra.
  5. First ever 'Romance Hotel' cum wedding pavillions by world renowned wedding designer Vera Wang.
  6. On 'Orchid Island', there is a hotel-cum-a cooking school with 50 super-F&B outlets run by French celebrity chef Alain Ducasse.
  7. An oceanarium incorporating rainforest exhibit headed by Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of the late French undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau.
  8. Architectural wonders such as the 'flying deck of cards' hotel-cum-casino called the Crown Towers Hotel, the cubical-style Banyan Tree resort, 'Toy Box' exhibition centre of luxury goods as well as the grand Starwood W Hotel, 8th Wonder Arena and the Franco Dragone Theatre.
  9. State-of-the-art Siemens Command and Control Centre and Star TV studios.

So much to see, so much to enjoy. Genius or creative egos are these companies trying to show to the world.

Then, what kind of resort would you spend money on? I would love to see something adventurous, and preferably integrated within a family-themed wonderland for the enjoyment of all ...especially to my beloved little nephews!

--- End of post. Acknowledgements: SkyscraperCity and CNA.

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First Ever Fly-niversary

25 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 7:06 PM in , ,

So on 18 November, I went to a Birthday Party again.

The party go-ers (picture courtesy of Humblerboy)

This time it was FlyFM's 1st Anniversary. FlyFM is one of Malaysia's newest and fastest growing English radio station. One thing I didn't know is that this station is based in Kuala Lumpur International Airport!!! Ermmm...sounds to me like an exclusive airport radio station..."KLIA FM"?...but it has gone nationwide ever since.

Fly Guy makes us feeling "Fly". (I mean feeling Happy!)

As usual, it was another episode of a rainy evening. We have been praying really hard for the thunderstorm to Go Go Away! True enough by 8pm, the torrential downpour had stop falling on us, as we stood together rejoicing and glorifying "Mother Nature" for answering our prayers.

FlyFM's deejays, Shel and Ben were great entertainers, not to mention others such as Fly Guy, Phat Fabes, Steve, Nina, Basil, Jules, and many more from the FlyFM Team.

THe FlyFM Team and the Celebrations...

There were many local singers performing on stage that night. Much later, we also met Faizal, the finalist in the One In A Million reality show. While performing, he had not only came down the stage once, but more than twice. Interestingly, he had also helplessly climbed over the security barrier that seperates the audience and the stage, almost falling into the hands of the crowd to greet his screaming fans.

Pop Shuvit in action...

Many of the singers were unknown to me before this event ...but of course I did recognise Camilia and Pop Shuvit, the only local Hip Hop Rock band that have more chart-topping tracks in the Japanese market, even beating luminaries like Linkin Park.

I could feel the instant hype; all of my friends were already screaming their lungs out. The performers kept the crowd roaring for More and More...

Yeapieee...popular club DJ Jungle Jerry and Joey G of Channel [V] were also present to further enhance the electryfying atmosphere.

Group picture courtesy of Splashmilk; from Left to Right: Tonyyy, Me, Steve who is the producer of FlyFM's Big Bang Breakfast Show, Splashmilk, Humblerboy and Mark Tan.

--- End of Reporting from Sunway Extreme Park.

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Splashmilk's B"uff"day

21 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 3:18 AM in ,

Yeahhh...it was Mikel's surprise birthday party at TGIF One Utama Shopping Complex on 17 November. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mikel aka Susu (milk in Malay language) aka Splashmilk!!!

Our TGIF Foodzzss (pics courtesy of Jo) -- Guess which one is mine?

I arrived at TGIF One Utama around 7.30pm to meet-up with William aka Humblerboy. William had bought a present for Splashmilk, then we waited for Joann aka Jo to arrive and then we slowly walked towards the restaurant. ...Yahoooo it's time for food, LOL!

From left: Humblerboy, Birthday Boy and Patchay Boy (Me-lah!!!)

The restaurant was very happening that night. Birthday songs and shouts of laughter were heard from every corner. I thought we should also do something happening to the birthday boy.

Me and Shaz

To our surprise, Shaz, who said to Jo that he was in Singapore that evening, came dropping by at our table. Hehehe...next time I know how to give Jo a big shocking surprise...LOL!!!

Me and Jason Siah

The TGIF waiters teased the birthday boy to give a friendly smoochie-smoochie to Sylvia. C'mon boy, don't be shy shy la...LOL! "The adult showtime begins NOW..."

...all hail The Susu Kiss...

The birthday boy was pretty sporting that evening I thought. My advise to you is remember to give a kiss or at least a hug to your loved ones on your birthday.

Some pics courtesy of Jo

We mingled around for hours during and after meal. At the same time, we flashed our cameras around, taking pictures that speak a thousand memories.

Here's the gang gang...

Right-bottom pic courtesy of Humblerboy

From left to right: Susu stands on his chair to sing a song with TGIF waiters and all of us...Susu's Cake (hahaha btw it's blueberry cheesecake ok)...and the two kinds of Susu Pose.

Another memorable birthday party indeed. It's about time to go to bed... ZZZ (yawning) ...good night people. Sweet dreamzzz!!!

Photo album for Birthday pictures Coming Soon.

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The Happy Feet Premiere

17 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 12:23 AM in

A wholesome family-themed animation will soon premiere at cinemas worldwide this November. This time they're penguins — and they're extremely cute. With very very cool animations and many irresistible characters!

Honestly, I really love it, and hahaha I was about to dance at my seat while watching the show. That's why, I guess the producers would not call it "Happy Feet" for nothing right?

Like what William said, penguins don't only sing but they dance a lot too. The main character, Mumble (voice by Elijah Wood) proves this.

Photo courtesy of SmashpOp.

Here's SmashpOp and the invited gang to the Happy Feet Premiere Screening 14 November organized by Astro's XfreshFM at MidValley Megamall.

Well done to all involved in organizing this event and special thanks to those who invited me!!!

Here comes big brother Shaz!!!

An unplanned mini-bloggers gathering? Yes, picture here with Jo, Splashmilk, Me and Humblerboy.

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Heavenly BBQ-ed

16 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 10:59 PM in ,

Semester 2 has ended two weeks ago. Here's what had happened to Bing's belated birthday party, also our semester ending barbeque; held at William's condo on 11 November.

Jinn looks cool but funny here. His hair style mimics that of famous Bollywood superstar, Shah Ruth Khan.

Jinn and Fai proposing to marry Irene. Both holding a flower rose, ...ooops...maybe it's just a slice of watermelon! Ermmm...guess who will she choose?

Private affair with the girls. I only realized now that Jinn was at the back there...alamak!

The party consisting of girls, "Tans" and "gays" (so-called) from Monash. By the way, where's me?

The truly brotherhood picture. Everyone here should be nicknamed "Tan".

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6 Months Old

09 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:57 AM in

Today Patchay@Blogspot celebrates 6 months of existence!!!

Yeah exactly 6 months ago, this blog started humbly with a classic Blogger template, and then transformed into what it is today. Ever since, I've received numerous feedbacks - a mixture of good and bad, majority of which are good comments.

Today also, I received the longest written comment on the Visit Malaysia Cyber Campaign post. Thank you. After reading it, I was really encouraged and feel that this site can do more to promote our country.

Anyway, Patchay@Blogspot is currently under-going refurbishment works and consolidation process. I apologize for the slow loading (of this site) or any inconvenience caused. Do stay tuned to this blog as I'll be bringing you new topics for discussion here.

Till then happy surfing!

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Party @ The Loft

| Written by Patchay at 12:30 AM in ,

This is The Loft Kuala Lumpur with its aesthetic modern architecture.

The party begins here on Saturday night (4 November) ...

The above picture depicts the ambience inside. The interior looks cozy. The decor and fittings look classy. I wonder how would I freak out in the dark and to the delights of club music? Well, I should be getting ready to stomp hard on the floor and behold the euphoria that may arise.

It turned out to be entertaining initially. Feeling good when dancing with the leng luis (pretty chicks) arrr?

Then, three of us were too exchausted. Don't know why. The truth is that there were just too many "Aunties" and "Uncles" having fun together at the dance floor. No space for us!!!

Good morning Patchay? Still staying awake. Not drunk not dead. It was 3.30am on Sunday morning and the party came to a memorable ending. Indeed, it was a great night till the break of dawn.

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South Johor Developments

06 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 4:31 PM in

Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has unveiled an ambitious US$105 billion (close to RM400 billion) masterplan to turn the southern Johor state into a prosperous Asian metropolis. The South Johor Economic Region (SJER) is the brainchild of PM Abdullah and it is the country's single largest development project.

SJER at a glance (Source: CNA)

Covering over 2,217-square kilometre, the SJER growth triangle include Senai-Kulai in the north, Pasir Gudang-Tanjung Langsat in the east and Tanjung Pelepas-Gelang Patah-Pontian in the west.

The multi-billion SJER will transform the Johor state into a world-class business hub on par with others in the region like Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. The SJER is 2.5 times the size of Singapore and it is set to become Malaysia's second metropolis after the capital Kuala Lumpur. The SJER is expected to create around 817,500 new jobs during its development until 2025.

Components of SJER:

SJER (area in yellow) includes Nusajaya

Nusajaya City which is being built in Gelang Patah, is to be the new State Government's new administrative seat. Phase one of the Johor State New Administrative Centre (JSNAC), comprising the Johor State Assembly building, Mentri Besar and State Secretary complex, Mahkota Square and state government department complexes, is expected to be competed by end-2007.

New Administrative Centre (JSNAC)

An iconic landmark called "The Iskandar" adjoining Nusajaya Islamic Park is to be built. Nusajaya will also house an international theme park and a secondary water theme park.

Proposed Nusajaya City Center

Johor Bahru and Nusajaya have been identified to house the Free Access Zones (FAZ). Foreigners can live in designated FAZ and travel to work in Singapore without being subjected to immigration and customs checks.

Nusajaya Central Planning Area

According to sources, US-based Carnegie-Mellon University and Britain’s University of Newcastle Upon Tyne are to set up faculties in a 250ha education enclave called EduCity in Nusajaya. Meanwhile, the Columbia Asia Hospital will be part of the 150ha medical hub in Nusajaya.

Plans are also under way to turn the SJER into a major outsourcing hub and software development centre by 2008, including an International e-Commerce Park in Nusajaya.

Birth of a new metropolis

Danga Bay is being developed into a new residential, commercial, marine sporting and entertainment centre. The Johor Waterfront City, covering an area of 809ha, will have international hotels, resorts and shopping malls.

Danga Bay Masterplan

An integrated public transport, namely a monorail system and a network of highways to connect major parts of the SJER, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The creation of a major logistic hub known as South Johor Industrial Logistics Cluster (SiLC) which comprises Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP), Senai Airport and Johor Port in Pasir Gudang. The SiLC will house, among others, manufacturing facilities for electronics and electrical products, biotechnology, nanotechnology, pharmaceutical and wafer production.

1,000 acres allocated for PTP Free Zone. Strategic development of several other key projects surrounding PTP, including petrochemical and heavy marine related industries.

Port of Tanjung Pelepas

A Cyber City, expected to be sited in Kulai near the Senai Airport, will be developed on a 60ha location. Construction is set to take off in 2008. The city will have cyber incubators, office space, hotels and residences.

A biofuel hub will also be established at Tanjung Langsat Port, near Pasir Gudang, to tap the abundance of palm oil in the country and transform the port and an adjoining industrial park into a key export area for biodiesel.

--- © Patchay@SkyscraperCity & SSC Forumers ---

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2nd Malaysian F1 track?

04 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 2:22 AM in

Second F1 racetrack on the cards in Johor

JOHOR - MALAYSIA might get a second Formula One (F1) racetrack, TV3 reported yesterday, adding one in Johor to the existing track in Sepang.

If everything goes according to plan, Danga Bay in the Southern Johor Economic Region (SJER) may get the track by next year.

The plan was announced to the media yesterday by senior officers from the Johor State Economic Planning Unit and the government investment arm, Khazanah Nasional, TV3 reported.

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is scheduled to unveil the SJER masterplan tomorrow (November 4). SJER covers more than 2,000 sq km and is divided into five main zones.

Danga Bay, a RM15 billion (S$6.5 billion) waterfront development in the zone, is being developed under a 15-year project.

According to the project's management authorities, F1 is keen to join the development.

'We have officials visiting us from F1 and when they saw our place, they were quite excited because it's very unique, in the way that our roads are well-connected. It forms a loop and it is all facing the waterfront,' Danga Bay project manager Christopher Yeo said.

Malaysia's existing F1 racetrack in Selangor, the Sepang International Circuit, was officially opened on March 9, 1999, and has since become one of the country's top tourist draws.

Early negotiations for the second track are under way, said officials at yesterday's briefing, and the race may be held on public roads, just like in Monaco.

It would need, among others, a 3.5km track with all the safety features of the sport.

-- Source: Singapore Press --

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MBC Thanksgiving Bash

03 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 7:20 PM in

MBC's last night out on Mooncake Festival Day, almost one month ago. That shows how long I've not blog. Sorry guys for posting late the pictures.

MBC Thankgiving Bash

Monash Business Club Thankgiving Party at Porto Bello, Kampungku Lakeview Restaurant near Sheraton Subang.

Public Relations

The PR Team, including Me! What more can I say...

What is Fai and Jinn doing? So 'gayish'...

All of us

Now exams are over. So stay tuned for more blog updates including some very interesting things I've been doing lately.

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