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The Mid-Valley City

31 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:13 PM in

You know certain things about Mid-Valley City like how this great mall was built just amazed me. Have you ever thought of it ? I did a research on the Internet sometime ago and here's some pictures I would like to share ...

Once a rural land along the Klang River, this was the original site of Mid-Valley City before the whole construction took place. Apparently this picture was taken way back in 1993 !

As shown above, the grand plan was to develop that piece of kampung area into a world-class "city within a city."

The transformation began in 1996 with minor changes to the initial plan due to financial crisis. The construction of Phase 1 includes the Mid-Valley Megamall, the Boulevard offices and Cititel Hotel.

The yellowish painted mall as it is today. People choked this area during weekends in search of goods going on a Cheap Sale !

The entire Mid-Valley and suburb area seen from a high-rise building in the central business district.

The best day to shop is today ! Enjoy the breathtaking view of the surroundings looking towards Kuala Lumpur.

Phase 2 of Mid-Valley City promises more excitement to all shoppers. It will include two new office towers, two hotels, and dozens of restaurants all linked into an upscale retail podium, called The Gardens.

When fully completed, the entire Mid-Valley will contribute almost 3 million square feet of retail, 1500 hotel rooms and 3 million square feet of office. Half of this is already built.

Phase 2 currently under development. Looks like it's topping up very fast ! Hopefully, The Gardens mall will open for business by end of this year.

I'm overwhelmed by the colour effects of the sky as the towering presence of Mid-Valley bowed to the beauty of a sunset.

When you are done shopping, say Goodbye to this wonderful urban masterpiece of Mid-Valley City. And don't get stressed up when caught in the evening traffic jams lol !

Photos courtesy of SSC Malaysian Forumers, Patchay@SSC and CivicArts and Eric Kuhne & Associates. This is a post by Patchay@Blogspot for Patchay@SSC and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 Cyber Campaign. See also: Putrajaya - An Iconic City.

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Karaoke Idols

29 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 12:56 PM in ,

Introducing to you two would-be "Karaoke Idols" ...

Zi Yang (left) will be proud to be Malaysia's first. He was enjoying a duet with high-school pal, Karl who had returned home from New Zealand. Blah Blah Black Shit ... I really can't sing !!! When the bill came, it was my biggest shock for the entire week ... a whopping RM102.35, yet it was during non-peak hours, with student rates and no extra tidbits !

The Curve at Mutiara Damansara has been setting standards for festive decorations in Malaysian malls. This time was cherry blossom trees for Chinese New Year. Here's the photo captured by Zi Yang with Karl (left), Me, Ser Yoong and Lean Swee as we were strolling freely through the centre court.

Ling (left), Karl and Me

Wan Ling came to join us for dinner after the karaoke session. ... We all say goodbye after dinner. Bye, Bye, Goodnight !

--- Photos taken with Canon Ixus 50.

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Happy Birthday Wy Jin !

25 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 6:07 PM in ,

Wy Jin officially turned 19 last Friday (19 Jan). He was my ex-classmate and ex-President in secondary school St. John Ambulance Society.

He threw in a Birthday Bash at his home and invited a bunch of friends from both Damansara Jaya and Seapark school.

The old school buddies were together-gether this evening after more than a year being separated. Sigh... haha that sentence sound a little gayish... cut that lol ! After dinner cam-whoring started; picture above here the Birthday Boy standing third from left.

The Ex-DJians United: Joel (from left), Francis, Lean (behind), Birthday Boy, Zi Yang, Eu Gene (front), Aiman, Arul and Me. You wouldn't want to know all their nicknames, spelling all of them here would made Me in trouble lol !

Wy Jin's Seapark mates: Happy Birthday Jin and wish your dream always come true !

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Here's a brief musing for 2006 on a quarterly basis. The photos below have been either posted before on this blog or have not. Most photos here have been taken using my best pet of the year, that is my personal Canon Ixus. Have fun reading my craps ... and thanks a lot !

January - March

Chinese New Year 2006 "Open House"

The first quarter of 2006 was truly amazing. A new chapter began as I meander my way from the front gate to the university lecture hall. It was the time when self-learning became a norm. While studying, new friendships were fast established.

I had my first outing of the year with the young adults from my church. Thereafter, invitations to specially organized Recognition Events came like a pouring rain non-stop. Being a trainee distributor for a well-established multi-level marketing company, I attended most of their grandiose events which were held in huge public places such as Stadium Putra and KL's Putra World Trade Centre.

The photos that show a good beginning

Chinese New Year celebrations in 2006 was different than before as my relatives came to town instead of me having to balik kampung (going back to hometown). In the blink of an eye, I began to enjoy live-on-stage performing arts after watching a spectacular percussion performance.

April - June

Colours of Stars

The buzz during the first quarter did not stop there. Its just getting bigger and hotter. From an eye-catching fashion show to many magnificent concerts, and from Jaclyn Victor to pop diva Ruth Sahanaya and to sensational singer Wang Lee Hom of Taiwan, never before my heart was pumping like a big bass drum. On 18 June, I witnessed a historical celebration with more than 40,000 attendees in Stadium Bukit Jalil.

The photos that say the best

Mountain resort tours also became part of my life this quarter. The cool air from the densely populated tropics was very much sought after. The reason for this is the increasing intensity of stress due to assignment datelines and semester final examinations. Yet I started blogging and wasted a great deal of my precious study time pointing my computer mouse here and there.

July - September

Monash Ball Royale Escapade 2006

"What would you say to a Tiger ... Beer?" The first few words I uttered in persuading a girl to be my prom date LoL. Sounds funny but seriously things could have been worst for me. The bright side is that I was still able to have some fun with my uni-mates that royale evening.

The Photos Worth Remembering

Somewhere past the half year mark and I was still pampering myself with great pomp and show. Almost every night I went out till late with friends or even with strangers whom I now call them "new friends". I was about to neglect my studies. But I told myself that I wanted to have the best of both worlds - academic and the outside world. Hesitantly, I stood up for my future and walked my talk. From that day onwards, I went back to uni with all my written notes.

October - December

Saturday Night Fever ... Was I drunk?

October month was pretty boring. Literally everyday I sat near the table with a textbook on hand. Last exam of the year began on Hari Raya week and ended on the second day of November. My routine changed dramatically after that. The boringness slowly subsided and the party maracas began sounding again, starting with Saturday Night Fever at The Loft.

The photos that speak a million words

My year-end camp was a blast. This year's Christmas Musical Drama was again a touching one. The euphoria of Christmas was shared in Singapore with my cousins. One of whom got married recently. Last but not least, I celebrated the end of 2006 and the dawn of a new year with a "Bang" !

The New Year Jump !

This year will be more challenging. I'll begin my studies in Australia, a place I considered far from home. There, I hope to make new friends and become a self-independent student who can excel in all spheres.

Note: Post published today, January 22. Shoutout: If you're a Malaysian youth blogger, you're invited to join me at the Bloggers Meet-up. Click here for more info.

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KL's Night Charm

16 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:03 PM in

Here's some breathtaking night photos for everyone ...

Kuala Lumpur ushers in the dawn of 2007 with dazzling fireworks. Its a good start to welcoming visitors from around the world ahead of Visit Malaysia Year 2007 tourism campaign.

A bird's eye view of Kuala Lumpur city skyline at dusk from a neighbouring suburb.

The "Eye on Malaysia" ferris wheel is Kuala Lumpur's latest attraction. Everyone has to be up there to enjoy the panoramic view over KL and its surroundings.

Honestly, KL is one of the most dynamic South-east Asian city, and the city never sleeps !

Photos by Annaim and others. Courtesy of SSC M'sia Forum.

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A Valentine Gift

15 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:34 AM in

Valentine's Day is just around the corner ! Have you decided what to buy for your loved ones? Think no more. Here's a great idea.

Go check out the Valentine’s Day "Couple-Tee" from FittingRoom (www.fittingroom.com.my) and find out how you can express your love in a lasting, one-of-a-kind way !!!

Adorable and a vibrant feeling for young couple. Attractive for all your friends alike. High quality, durable and best fits for all !

Free size for Male and Female. 97% cotton and 3% spandex. Online shopping/order done via FittingRoom. Promotional price is RM69.90 for two tees + packaging, while stocks last!

V-Day only happens once every year. Its a great time to show your true love and appreciation. These custom made Tees and imprinted cute little toons are just right to get your message across ...

To really impress that special somebody in your life and let them know how much you mean to them, Order your Couple-Tee today and bet the last minute rush ! >>>More information go to FittingRoom now.

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Getting Married

08 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 3:05 PM in

Thinking about marriage? Not yet. Still too young. A long way to go before that happens. But it was on Boxing Day (26 December) in Singapore that my cousin sister (the bride), Jessica tied the knot with her fiance, Mr Kenneth Lee.

The chi-muis (sisters) arrived long before the groom came. The groom arrived just before 8.30am to fetch the bride. Then, the usual "boy-girl war-like negotiations" happened at the front door. For the man, it was really tough to get through ... as he had to sing romantic songs, read poetic words, dance like a Hawaiian, and more importantly he had to show his love sincerity to the bride. In the end, the groom passed all obstacles with flying colours and he kissed the bride !

The groom's heng-tais (brothers) finding love ! Can they kiss the bride just like the groom? Only for this camwhore session at Jessica's new home in Toa Payoh, Singapore.

Brothers and sisters posed together. Just look at the groom's face and you'll know that he's a jovial boy. And what does that face mean?

Leaving the new home for the groom's family home by an antique Rolls-Royce. Must be the most attractive car on the road that day.

Moving from one place to another is not simple task, especially on this rainy day. Now the cham cha (tea-drinking) ceremony takes place at the bride's family home in Jurong East, Singapore.

The bride Jessica and her immediate as well as extended family members came together after the tea-drinking ceremony. The morning seesion ended here at around 1.oo noon.

The extended family during the solemnization ceremony before dinner at The Raffles Club.

The yum seng ceremony that marks the climax of the very successful evening dinner. Both the bride's family and the groom's family thanked all relatives and friends who attended.

The couple's reserved room for that night was among the best I ever seen. It features an in-room jacuzzi spa by the bedside and a heating room attached.

Lovely morning, lovely night ... Good night to the newly-wed couple and all of you !

Note: Post published today, January 11. Shoutout: Year-in-Review 2006 post postponed to a further date. I'm moving to Australia for studies next month. Have a nice day =)

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Happy New Year 2007

04 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 12:17 AM in ,

Once upon a time, the King ordered all Dukes and Duchesses from all over Fooxionland to gather at The Curve Damansara in time to celebrate the beginning of a New Year !

31st December '06 was indeed a special day as they all arrived in either black or white suits. And for the first time, they met face-to-face and greeted each other warmly. Soon, they went for an early dinner provided by Marché Mövenpick.

The Black Team wanted to show how cool they were to the King. So they stood together for this awesome-most picture.

The White Team was not worst off in any ways. They showed that they were equally cool as the Black Team.

But the King wanted the people to show their brotherhood spirit! This was very important in order to safeguard the nation's security and the younger generation in times of war.

The ladies too showed their sisterhood spirit. Almost instantly, they put up a sweet smile in front of the camera. Undeniably, they were so gorgeous that the King wanted them to be His "...".

As we all know, the strength of a nation depends on the unity of all its citizens. A Malay proverb once said: "Bersatu Teguh, Bercerai Roboh" (United We Stand, Divided We Fall).

The people rejoiced like they never had before. Then something happens ... ... ...

Bang ! Bang ! Two shots were fired from a distance. Immediately two men fell to the floor. So happen they were Duke Ryan and Duke sMashpOp. The situation became very chaotic. People ran for the exits, screaming out their hearts loud. Help ! Help ! Call 991?

Fifteen minutes later, the noisy commotion vanished. Amazingly, the two men woke up with almost no injuries at all ! Everybody started celebrating again by jumping high in the air. Fireworks! Fireworks! And it was already New Year 2007 !!!

One of those gentlemen at the party was Prince Patchay. There He is with all the gorgeous ladies.

The King was very delighted as the gathering ended successfully and no one had suffered injuries.

And it was also a cheerful ending for all. Last but not least, His Majesty praised all the people who attended. //The End//

* Note: The storyline above is a creation out of the author's imagination. It is not intended to be true wholly and thus it should not be taken seriously. Pictures not water-marked courtesy of smashpOp and Rames. Post published on January 6. Shoutout: My Singapore Xmas in the Tropics posts will be postponed to a further date.

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