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UQMSA Social Volleyball

24 March, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 1:59 AM in ,

[courtesy uniqmsa.blogspot.com]

UQMSA organised a great game of beach volleyball on Saturday, 15th March 2008.

A lot of our members showed up, slapped a ball around and some even got to eat sand. It was a great show of sporting spirit where newcomers had a go at playing beach volleyball wholeheartedly and people who had experience gave tips and encouraged the newbies and their team members.


Waiting for the ball

Team UQMSA 2!

We be chillin'

That gorgeous sunset

Team UQMSA 3!


Hit it, girl!

We be chillin 2

That gorgeous sunset again

UQMSA Welcoming Party

15 March, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 10:18 PM in ,

[written by Patchay, courtesy uniqmsa.blogspot.com]

*UQMSA Welcoming BBQ Part II - The Photos*

Date: 1 March 2008

Venue: South Bank Parklands

*** *** ***

Committee 2008

(left) Johan, Mr President and Fehy

Karen, Vy and Navii

Food -lah...


Some Malaysians can't wait for food...

Well actually... most Malaysians can't wait for food :)

New friends... old friends...


Playing soccer while holding Malaysian flag... how patriotic that is!

After BBQ... (exclusively for Committee 2008 members)

The person with the above shirt (guess who?) invited all committee members to chill-LAH...

Hoho... that person is Mr President Linggesh-LAH. As you can see, he's explaining ICE-CREAM to the girls... and certainly the girls listened to him intently.

Anyway, here's my YUMMY ice-cream!

And that's all for now. Adios.

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