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Masca NCG'08 Part I

22 July, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 11:17 PM in ,

MASCA National Conference & Games (NCG) 2008
Brisbane, Queensland
1 - 4 July

- Part I: Team Queensland Briefing ; Malaysian Employment Talk ; NCG Welcoming BBQ -

[Photos by http://www.patchay.blogspot.com/]
MASCA: Malaysian Students' Council of Australia

*** *** ***

- team.Queensland -

Spirit. Clap.
Mighty. Clap.
Defence. Clap.

QLD Is Hot To Go.
H-O-T T-O G-O. AUM...
Hot To Go. AUM...
Hot To Go.

It's OK. It's Alright.
Come on QLD,
Fight. Fight. Fight.

Read All About It,
Who's Gonna Win It and Who's Gonna Lose It,
When You're Up, You're Up,
When You're Down, You're Down,
When You're Up Against QLD,
You're Up Side Down.

Don't Mess With The Best
Cuz The Best Don't Mess,
Don't Fool With The Cool
Cuz The Cool Won't Fool,
Don't Mess, Don't Mess,
Don't Fool, Don't Fool,
Cuz QLD Is Here To Rule.

- queensland.cheer -

*** *** ***

- malaysian.timing.always.late -

*** *** ***

*** Getting dark ***

- joget.lah.finale -

*** Clean-up ***

*** The End. Part II coming soon. ***

The place is dead. There's completely no one.

Life is too slow at times when even my footsteps can yield the highest decibel in the air.

Welcome to St Lucia, Brisbane.

*** *** ***

This is St Lucia in this moderately chilling winter season. [Note: Photos taken on a weekday]

The paths that I walk to uni everyday...

The effects of winter in a sub-tropical climate...

Serenity and tranquility...

Most roads are empty...

An ongoing market barely has any customer today...

Quietness means boredom for Me...

If you drop into the river, no one would ever know!

That is Aussie life here. Fast or slow, you choose!

Malaysia City Turns One

07 July, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 3:41 PM in ,

Whoowow, it has been one year ago since I wrote Malaysia City...

For people interested in statistics, here they are.

*** *** ***

(1) Traffic Patterns by Days, Weeks and Months as of 7 July 2008:

Traffic Patterns July 2008

(2) General Blog Stats as of 7 July 2008:

[Click for larger image]

(3) All Time Malaysia CIty Top Posts and Search Terms as of 7 July 2008:

[Click for larger image]

(4) All TIme Malaysia City Referrers and Top Clicks as of 7 July 2008:

[Click for larger image]

*** *** ***

I want to thank all SSC Malaysian and Dubai Forumers, readers and commenter :)

Here’s to another good year ahead for Malaysia City. Cheers.


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