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My university life (Part 1)

11 May, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 8:43 PM in

Assignments! Assignments! Assignments! Now that I'm done with one assignment the next thing I realized is that I have many many more assignments to complete within the dateline. Time is really running out for me! I've been staying back late at night for so many weeks already...hahaha...in fact I believe that my average sleeping time for this year (2006) is not earlier than 2am. Is there "life" to what I'm doing so far? Have I spent too much time doing assignments? My exams are less than a month's time...and as of today I've done nothing to prepare for them. Sometimes I just got to chill myself by doing some "not so important" stuffs (at this point of time) like blogging and participating in online forums. All in all, I find that my life has become more challenging, interesting and fulfilling day by day.
Below are some uni candid pics taken by Ah Bing and posted on his "Papabing" weblog.
That's me...lectures can be no fun at all...

"How dare he sleeps in my lecture..." said the lecturer.

Apparently people in Monash love to wear pink...

Daniel Setiawan (DS) wears pink too...he is very upset when we said his girlfriend (DS) is fat and old.

Another boy wearing pink shirt...

Now do you believe me when i say parking is hell at Monash?

For more interesting pictures, visit http://patchay.multiply.com.


  1. erica on May 14, 2006 12:51 PM

    Bwhaha, at least u still go to lecture. I dont go anymore. Yes, assignments kill=/

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