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Fraser's Hill Outing

07 July, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 8:14 PM in ,

Fraser...Fraser Hill (Fraser or Fraser's?), here I come.... Did we sung any Hillsongs? Anyway, on the 26th of June twenty-eight of us went to Fraser's Hill, Pahang, Malaysia, and we stayed there for three days and two nights. It was a relaxing excursion with many pleasant memories and wonderful experiences as well.

After what seemed to be a tiring, dizzying (such word?) and scary (especially the narrow road along the cliff) ride because of the long winding road, I finally reached the secluded, typical English-looking town at around 2.00pm. Immediately after we arrived, we checked into our rented bungalow. The weather here was fine and thankfully it did not rain heavily throughout our stay.

We've arrived, but I'm missing!

Our first dinner came (we went for it actually!) around 7.00pm. We went out to eat at a small Chinese restaurant (kopitiam). We decided to stroll from the bungalow where we're staying to "Downtown" Fraser, where the kopitiam was located. To my disappointment, there was only a row of convenient shops plus a couple of unknown low-rise buildings around the main square - that's what people called it "Downtown" (Signboard: Pusat Bandar Fraser). Undeniably, the only masterpiece here is a clock tower standing majestically in the middle of the square.

For two consecutive nights after dinner we travelled to and fro the same kopitiam with our foot. The roads and pathways here are generally clean and evenly paved, although they were literally "carved out" from the dense tropical jungle. The night-walk back after dinner was a joy to behold. As we turned our heads upward, the stars, perhaps constellations of millions of miles away could be distinctly seen in the black sky. Here in Fraser's Hill, far away from the glare of the city lights, the universe was clearly visible!

Chop Chilli Chop!!! That was one of the game that we played for ice-breakers. Hahaha...we also managed to watch some World Cup games (everyday!!!) aired Live via satellite to our main television set in the living hall. After one game, we all fell asleep and went to bed at our respective rooms. I lay back on my bed, breathing in the cool night air and listening to the cries of insects. As usual, the mosquitoes were never my friends but this time I never seemed bothered by them at all. Too tired or dreaming or what? In the night, we had our windows opened because our rooms (as in mine) didn't have any fans or air-cons. In the afternoon, we had our windows closed because we are scared of thefts.

The most exciting part of our trip is to the Jeriau Waterfall. In fact, there was nothing much to do there, besides taking photos...hahaha. The waterfall is just right in the background!

Water play...

The boys posing...

All girls group

The Monashians

We had our last picture overlooking the Titiwangsa Mountain Range that forms the backbone of Peninsular Malaysia.

All united

For more pics, visit http://patchay.multiply.com/photos/album/52.


  1. Anonymous on August 10, 2006 2:33 PM

    how come i didnt know dat u went to frasers hill?

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