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16 September, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:31 AM in , , ,

Recent unpublished pics...Hahaha...enjoy!!!

Me, Andrew, Baqthier and Sze Hoong

New Friends, New Friends!!! On Merdeka eve, I met these nice guys..."all of sudden". Hahaha...Well, it was a meet-up for Malaysian forumers from SkyscraperCity.Com, arguably the world's largest real estate forum with more than 57,000 members representing different countries all over the world. Remember, Patchay was an active forumer there? Remember now then, at least for "Countdown 2020" Malaysia section (see right-sidebar Avenue [P]). Cheers.

Sadly, out of the hundreds or thousands of Malaysian members...only these few "managed" to turn up that night. We had dinner, walked around and...(speechless). It was a very crowded day at KLCC indeed. There was an organized concert with some Akademi Fantasia celebs on stage and a Merdeka rally organized by UMNO Youth. (Phew...so dangerous when we walked pass these people). Along the way, I even witnessed some stunt acts by the so-called "Mat Rempit" gang as they raced dangerously on city roads at midnight. All in all, we enjoyed ourselves, evidently shown by our smiles above. We departed after watching the magnificent fireworks (see The Spirit of Merdeka post) to Steven's at Taman OUG, where we hangout until 4.00am.

Me, Tim, Harrison and Ji Wi

RLC Movers & Shakers Concert with the PlanetShakers Team from Queensland, Australia. That night, we had a wonderful concert and we were all touched by the powerful message.

Goodbye Sean Park (4th from right)

We bid farewell to our cellmate from South Korea. He went back to serve his country in the National Service. He will always be remembered as a good friend, and of course the "Korean Mafia" game that he taught us how to play. Bang! Bang! Who is the Mafia! 안녕히계세요! (Angyeonghi gaseyo - Goodbye)

Joe, Daniel, Chan Jin and Me

Farewell to old buddy, Joel Soon. Picture taken when we were having lunch in Pizza Evo at TheCurve.

Sometime ago...

My first Monash buddies BBQ gathering, held at William's condominium. Ooops...everyone here is pointing fingers at "Gay Bing". Never mind the scandal, it has no importance at all.

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