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Busy October

17 October, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 12:31 PM in ,

Expect less frequent updates from now onwards till my EXAMS are over! Three more weeks to go... !!!

Well I've been very VERY busy lately... why?

Exams are coming... so its TIME to STUDYYYY !!!

Study at one side. The other side = WORKING. I'm working part-time as well...

Long Pocket outing (will blog about this later)

Anyway, now is SPRING. And apparently this spring season is the hottest and most humid for at least a decade!

Alright I shall stop ranting now. Goodbye boys and girls!

Photos above not "water-marked." Coming up next: Grease Musical and Brisbane Riverfest blogpost(s) postponed. Next post should be Merdeka Gathering 2007.

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