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Malaysia City Turns One

07 July, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 3:41 PM in ,

Whoowow, it has been one year ago since I wrote Malaysia City...

For people interested in statistics, here they are.

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(1) Traffic Patterns by Days, Weeks and Months as of 7 July 2008:

Traffic Patterns July 2008

(2) General Blog Stats as of 7 July 2008:

[Click for larger image]

(3) All Time Malaysia CIty Top Posts and Search Terms as of 7 July 2008:

[Click for larger image]

(4) All TIme Malaysia City Referrers and Top Clicks as of 7 July 2008:

[Click for larger image]

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I want to thank all SSC Malaysian and Dubai Forumers, readers and commenter :)

Here’s to another good year ahead for Malaysia City. Cheers.


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