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03 March, 2009 | Written by Patchay at 1:09 AM in ,

The truth is I found no job in Singapore. But the good news is... ...despite the worsening economic crunch and the political "democrazy" in Malaysia..., I still, very fortunately started my career today in Petaling Jaya (aka as KL for overseas friends to understand).

Well that's all I want to say before going to bed... Wait.

See some shots I took in Singapore last week before you leave my page.

I was there a few days before God calls and strikes the symbolic statue Merlion, reported here. To some superfitious Chinese this is bad omen indeed, especially given such difficult times in this finance-mania city state.

Almost everyday the sky is crying.

The first thing on the first day of work that my boss gave was a book entitled: "Please Don't Do What I Just Tell You" by Bob Nelson. Wooo.

And tomorrow I see audit again...


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