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Ion Orchard vs Orchard Central

08 September, 2009 | Written by Patchay at 1:08 AM in ,

I was sooo freaking busy lately... but anyway I was in Singapore chillin out at Ion Orchard and Orchard Central over the Merdeka weekend.

Ion Orchard is like Singapore's response to KL's Pavilion. Very nice facade but the interior is simply too small, low ceiling, cramped and congested, especially the food court during office hours.

The Louis Vuitton there is amongst the best retail store I've ever seen. It is also the largest LV boutique in Southeast Asia.

Orchard Central has a hippie decor but the mall is still quite vacant. The outdoor escalator overlooking Orchard skyline is quite cool.

I was quite disappointed with the stores in Orchard Central especially the small small ones that look like stores in pasar malam, except these ones selling expensive goods. The 10 floors just failed to excite my shopping/dining, for that I would choose Ion Orchard.

Ok I'm off to bed... cya soon!


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