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Putrajaya: An Iconic City

16 October, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 1:50 AM in

What comes into your mind when thinking about Putrajaya?

Putrajaya is Malaysia's federal government administrative capital city. The domed building here is the Prime Minister's office, something like 10 Downing Street in London and the White House, except that it is not the PM's official residence. Now I wonder why Malaysia needs such a huge PM office?

Now you think this is Putrajaya, City of the 21st Century. The city that possesses so much pride and glory with its mega-buildings and stunning landmarks surrounded with picturesque scenes of rolling hills and oil palm plantations.

Not just buildings, this city as it is also known as 'Intelligent Garden City' is totally equipped with the high-technology facilities that symbolises the nation's aspirations in this era, and at the same time the city was envisioned to incorporate the counrty's green heritage.

Is this Malaysia's version of Pyongyang? The city looks very deserted at this hour. The truth is that this city is really quiet at most times and it literally sleeps in the night and wakes up again the next morning.

Someone told me this before or I may have read it from somewhere; it says "Welcome to Putrajaya, Praise Emperor Mahathir." If I'm the PM, Putrajaya will be renamed as Mahathirjaya. As a matter of fact, this city was one of Malaysia's former Prime Minister's brainchild 'mega-project'.

No doubt it is a safe and nicely planned city. Somehow I feel it is one of the best place to live in Malaysia. However, the only drawback is that it lacks the ambience or atmosphere of what a city is all about, in comparison to where I live right now. I reckon there should not be traffic jams here by judging the city's relatively small population.

Here, traditional architecture blends well with modern ones. Every building here has special names, the white domed building in the picture above is known as 'Palace of Justice'. Sounds to me a little weird, but the majestic building itself clearly signifies power and great authority.

The above picture (top left) depicts that an alien spaceship has landed. Ooops...the spaceship-liked building is actually Putrajaya's convention center, and it is one of my favourite here. The building with the red roof is a palace for Malaysia's monarch while the metal structure (bottom-left) is a monument.

Putrajaya is a city of many fantastic bridges. The bridges here are elegantly designed, each bridge has its own 'meanings' that tells us the values of Putrajaya. The funny thing is that every time I went to Putrajaya, it seems that these bridges have no moving vehicles on it at all. Perhaps, they are only opened for people to walk across from one side to another.

[Photos courtesy of Patchay@SkyscraperCity and Malaysian forumers.]

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  1. Sue Lin on October 20, 2006 2:11 AM

    Whoaaaaaa, man! Most of us Malaysians have never even seen all that!

    First time laying my eyes on that via ur bloggie! U went there to take pix??

    Shit lar... beautiful paved road! Why not widen Federal Highway or reduce the toll on the NPE? Its so hard for me 2 get to uni man!

  2. Patchay on October 21, 2006 1:53 PM

    Yeahla...most Malaysians have not seen the beautiful part of Putrajaya. These pics mostly are forum pics. Federal highway cant be widen already haha so u use NPE everyday? So expensive le.

  3. Sue Lin on November 11, 2006 2:56 AM

    No lar of cuz not every morning... just... when fed is jammed... or when it is late or when i have exams....

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