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Today I had a bad day. My Law exam was... BAD!!! Oh no...what have I done? I just have to pray for a PASS now. The good side is that I have 2 more papers to go, both on Monday.

After Monday, I'll take a few days off, a very much deserved break after weeks of studies; and maybe do some packing as I'll be leaving college to stay with my friend for this winter season. I'll be back to college when semester two resumes.

The student departure checklist was passed to Me minutes ago, telling Me what should I do when I vacate my room at the end of next week.

*** *** ***

Emmanuel's UnbelievaBall continues. The photos below were obtained or contributed from or by other people. Have fun viewing!

This guy's hair is quite cool...

The guys having fun together...

Not bad...

OK...I can explain this. All the guys who were at the dance floor at that time (that stupid Ringo Rock music!) were asked to strip down like above.

So happened I was there too... and those Asian friends and people around Me were cheering for Me to DOWN DOWN. Humiliating Me or what?

Yes I finally did pull down... OMG I know it was my first time doing this in public and in front of so many ladies. But the entire area at that time was quite dark, and mine was nothing special compared to others haha, so who cares?

I like the shining light above...

The end of an unbelievable night. But not the end of UnbelievaBall...

*** *** ***

After what was an awesome Ball, we had RECOVERY the next morning. It was a time for us to chillout and recuperate from the exhaustion we had the night before.

We played some ice-breakers, but somehow the "party" feeling was still strong in all our hearts, so we kinda "partied" again ooops...

"Mummy Mummy, I drank too much last night", the boy cried out to himself.

The dresscode for Recovery.. what more can you say?


Piggyback Game

UnbelievaBall Recovery Snapshots (look at the guy with skirt lol)

So now you know what is Australian Life!

--- THE END ---

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