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Judah 5 Photo Session

29 June, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:06 AM in , ,

Someone said to Me: "Patchay always party, party like there's no tomorrow in Australia because no parental control. Party animal-lah you!"

My reply: "I admit that I partaayy. But not always, not too often, in fact only once in a while. I'm doing a balancing act between studies, fun time and my walk with Jesus.

I must say that my Christian Care-Group mates (Judah 5 from Hope) are one of the closest to Me here in Brissy. Not my collegemates, not friends I met in lectures or tutorials (except maybe a few) and certainly not the people I met in social events.

As Semester One draws to a finale, we, Judah 5, took time off to take photos together! So on the faithful afternoon of 3rd June, we all wore white and smiled gracefully to the flashes of cameras.

The loving family of Judah 5

Judah 5A - The "Aunties" haha. You know why?

Judah 5A and our "beloved" CG leader, Puay Siong

Judah 5B - Chicks?

Judah 5B and PS (sometimes I refer his initial to PlayStation)

Judah 5C - The Good Boys ("Kwai Chais")


Ooops... I caught up with some Judah 6 people as well... pretty cool group pcture!

Patchay in ACTION

The girls' ACTION

To satisfy we Asians, just bring us good food! Here's our tea-break meal haha, Quo Vadis pizza - marinated shrimps, garlic, fresh Roma tomatoes and basil.

Australia has four seasons. Someone ignorant told me Hot, Cold, Rainy and Dry? Dumb guy!!! Anyway here's the 4 combo pizza nicknamed "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow."

Yesss this is the beginning of winter here in Brissy (quite late compared to Melbourne). Everyday seems to be a gloomy day. Sometimes it rains and because of that the average temperature may drop below 10°C.

Coming up next: Patchay goes to 2nd Reiji and Klub Kandy parties.

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  1. Iwan on June 29, 2007 2:31 PM

    wah!!! nice pics there!!! AWESOME!!!

    Judah 6 pose quite nice!! hmmm.. i kinda agreed with u, sometimes we are not close to our schoolmates or roomamates..

    but to cell group and othe affiliations lah... hahahaha!!

    i also hate winter!!

  2. Patchay on June 30, 2007 12:27 AM


    Winter is freezing me off... everyday dono why. Apparently the coldest times in QLD for years.

  3. Sue Lin on July 08, 2007 9:48 PM

    HATE AUSSIE winter too! Wet. Yuck.

    And aiyoh.... please dun post so many pix of food la... make me hungry only. reading halfway i had to go n eat...

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