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Soirée 2007

16 September, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 8:34 PM in ,

The International House's Annual Soirée on 11 August 2007 is my university's largest cultural event of the year.

SPIDERMAN! The Spiderweb can be seen from far.

When was your last time to a cultural-based event? Think about it.

Myriad of cultures showcased, from local food to cultural performances.

Oh Satay and Beer???

Malaysia's was Satay. However, many Australians still think that satay originated from Thailand.

[QUIZ: Can you name Australia's most unique food/foodstuff ? There're several answers.]

Soirée (pronounced as Swa-Rei) means evening in French.

Aha! I spotted the Malaysian flag!

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