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The Horizon From Air

08 February, 2009 | Written by Patchay at 5:39 PM in , ,

In a few days time, it will be my 5th time boarding a plane - in just within the last 7 weeks!

Photography onboard the aircraft is usually not encouraged. In fact, it is prohibited when taking off and landing.

But the last time, I took some snapshots from my seat while cruising on air.

Passing by an army of clouds.

However, my destination was cloudless, and interestingly, I experienced the hottest heatwave in that State's history there.

I always wish to be a pilot. Maybe someday.

Looking dusty. The sunlight slowly fades away.

And this is how brightness and darkness collide in mid-air :lol.

Patchay was onboard flight JQ772 and JQ769 to and from Adelaide, South Australia.


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