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In 2010, it was reported that Malaysia was looking to build two 1,000 megawatt nuclear power plants by 2022 to counter an "imbalance" in its energy supplies.

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Today Japan, a proud nation with over 60 years of experience in nuclear power, is on the brink of a radiation leakage (that could lead to a nuclear disaster) following a 8.9 magnitude earthquake-cum-mega-tsunami.

Before the disaster, the Malaysian Government has agreed in principle to venture into nuclear power and radioactive-enrichment technology with the setting up of Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation under its Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) announced in January 2011.

An over-dependence and diminishing supply of coal and natural gas are some of the main reasons cited for deploying alternative source of power such as nuclear.

Electricity is heavily subsidised in Malaysia, thus a viable source of energy is vital to meet its growing energy needs and to fulfil its 'predicted' reputation as a developed nation by 2020.

Malaysia does not have uranium deposits, despite several speculations that a northern state has discovered the resource.

The first nuclear power plant is expected to be commissioned by 2022. An official decision on the construction of the plant could be made as early as 2012 with state energy company Tenaga Nasional Bhd eventually operating it.

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Finally, PATCHAY.COM believes Malaysia, at this juncture, is not ready in managing a nuclear reactor.

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