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Splashmilk's B"uff"day

21 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 3:18 AM in ,

Yeahhh...it was Mikel's surprise birthday party at TGIF One Utama Shopping Complex on 17 November. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Mikel aka Susu (milk in Malay language) aka Splashmilk!!!

Our TGIF Foodzzss (pics courtesy of Jo) -- Guess which one is mine?

I arrived at TGIF One Utama around 7.30pm to meet-up with William aka Humblerboy. William had bought a present for Splashmilk, then we waited for Joann aka Jo to arrive and then we slowly walked towards the restaurant. ...Yahoooo it's time for food, LOL!

From left: Humblerboy, Birthday Boy and Patchay Boy (Me-lah!!!)

The restaurant was very happening that night. Birthday songs and shouts of laughter were heard from every corner. I thought we should also do something happening to the birthday boy.

Me and Shaz

To our surprise, Shaz, who said to Jo that he was in Singapore that evening, came dropping by at our table. Hehehe...next time I know how to give Jo a big shocking surprise...LOL!!!

Me and Jason Siah

The TGIF waiters teased the birthday boy to give a friendly smoochie-smoochie to Sylvia. C'mon boy, don't be shy shy la...LOL! "The adult showtime begins NOW..."

...all hail The Susu Kiss...

The birthday boy was pretty sporting that evening I thought. My advise to you is remember to give a kiss or at least a hug to your loved ones on your birthday.

Some pics courtesy of Jo

We mingled around for hours during and after meal. At the same time, we flashed our cameras around, taking pictures that speak a thousand memories.

Here's the gang gang...

Right-bottom pic courtesy of Humblerboy

From left to right: Susu stands on his chair to sing a song with TGIF waiters and all of us...Susu's Cake (hahaha btw it's blueberry cheesecake ok)...and the two kinds of Susu Pose.

Another memorable birthday party indeed. It's about time to go to bed... ZZZ (yawning) ...good night people. Sweet dreamzzz!!!

Photo album for Birthday pictures Coming Soon.

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