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Heavenly BBQ-ed

16 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 10:59 PM in ,

Semester 2 has ended two weeks ago. Here's what had happened to Bing's belated birthday party, also our semester ending barbeque; held at William's condo on 11 November.

Jinn looks cool but funny here. His hair style mimics that of famous Bollywood superstar, Shah Ruth Khan.

Jinn and Fai proposing to marry Irene. Both holding a flower rose, ...ooops...maybe it's just a slice of watermelon! Ermmm...guess who will she choose?

Private affair with the girls. I only realized now that Jinn was at the back there...alamak!

The party consisting of girls, "Tans" and "gays" (so-called) from Monash. By the way, where's me?

The truly brotherhood picture. Everyone here should be nicknamed "Tan".

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