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First Ever Fly-niversary

25 November, 2006 | Written by Patchay at 7:06 PM in , ,

So on 18 November, I went to a Birthday Party again.

The party go-ers (picture courtesy of Humblerboy)

This time it was FlyFM's 1st Anniversary. FlyFM is one of Malaysia's newest and fastest growing English radio station. One thing I didn't know is that this station is based in Kuala Lumpur International Airport!!! Ermmm...sounds to me like an exclusive airport radio station..."KLIA FM"?...but it has gone nationwide ever since.

Fly Guy makes us feeling "Fly". (I mean feeling Happy!)

As usual, it was another episode of a rainy evening. We have been praying really hard for the thunderstorm to Go Go Away! True enough by 8pm, the torrential downpour had stop falling on us, as we stood together rejoicing and glorifying "Mother Nature" for answering our prayers.

FlyFM's deejays, Shel and Ben were great entertainers, not to mention others such as Fly Guy, Phat Fabes, Steve, Nina, Basil, Jules, and many more from the FlyFM Team.

THe FlyFM Team and the Celebrations...

There were many local singers performing on stage that night. Much later, we also met Faizal, the finalist in the One In A Million reality show. While performing, he had not only came down the stage once, but more than twice. Interestingly, he had also helplessly climbed over the security barrier that seperates the audience and the stage, almost falling into the hands of the crowd to greet his screaming fans.

Pop Shuvit in action...

Many of the singers were unknown to me before this event ...but of course I did recognise Camilia and Pop Shuvit, the only local Hip Hop Rock band that have more chart-topping tracks in the Japanese market, even beating luminaries like Linkin Park.

I could feel the instant hype; all of my friends were already screaming their lungs out. The performers kept the crowd roaring for More and More...

Yeapieee...popular club DJ Jungle Jerry and Joey G of Channel [V] were also present to further enhance the electryfying atmosphere.

Group picture courtesy of Splashmilk; from Left to Right: Tonyyy, Me, Steve who is the producer of FlyFM's Big Bang Breakfast Show, Splashmilk, Humblerboy and Mark Tan.

--- End of Reporting from Sunway Extreme Park.

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  1. Anonymous on November 28, 2006 1:22 AM

    Fly Fly with you to your blog keke.

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