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Here's a brief musing for 2006 on a quarterly basis. The photos below have been either posted before on this blog or have not. Most photos here have been taken using my best pet of the year, that is my personal Canon Ixus. Have fun reading my craps ... and thanks a lot !

January - March

Chinese New Year 2006 "Open House"

The first quarter of 2006 was truly amazing. A new chapter began as I meander my way from the front gate to the university lecture hall. It was the time when self-learning became a norm. While studying, new friendships were fast established.

I had my first outing of the year with the young adults from my church. Thereafter, invitations to specially organized Recognition Events came like a pouring rain non-stop. Being a trainee distributor for a well-established multi-level marketing company, I attended most of their grandiose events which were held in huge public places such as Stadium Putra and KL's Putra World Trade Centre.

The photos that show a good beginning

Chinese New Year celebrations in 2006 was different than before as my relatives came to town instead of me having to balik kampung (going back to hometown). In the blink of an eye, I began to enjoy live-on-stage performing arts after watching a spectacular percussion performance.

April - June

Colours of Stars

The buzz during the first quarter did not stop there. Its just getting bigger and hotter. From an eye-catching fashion show to many magnificent concerts, and from Jaclyn Victor to pop diva Ruth Sahanaya and to sensational singer Wang Lee Hom of Taiwan, never before my heart was pumping like a big bass drum. On 18 June, I witnessed a historical celebration with more than 40,000 attendees in Stadium Bukit Jalil.

The photos that say the best

Mountain resort tours also became part of my life this quarter. The cool air from the densely populated tropics was very much sought after. The reason for this is the increasing intensity of stress due to assignment datelines and semester final examinations. Yet I started blogging and wasted a great deal of my precious study time pointing my computer mouse here and there.

July - September

Monash Ball Royale Escapade 2006

"What would you say to a Tiger ... Beer?" The first few words I uttered in persuading a girl to be my prom date LoL. Sounds funny but seriously things could have been worst for me. The bright side is that I was still able to have some fun with my uni-mates that royale evening.

The Photos Worth Remembering

Somewhere past the half year mark and I was still pampering myself with great pomp and show. Almost every night I went out till late with friends or even with strangers whom I now call them "new friends". I was about to neglect my studies. But I told myself that I wanted to have the best of both worlds - academic and the outside world. Hesitantly, I stood up for my future and walked my talk. From that day onwards, I went back to uni with all my written notes.

October - December

Saturday Night Fever ... Was I drunk?

October month was pretty boring. Literally everyday I sat near the table with a textbook on hand. Last exam of the year began on Hari Raya week and ended on the second day of November. My routine changed dramatically after that. The boringness slowly subsided and the party maracas began sounding again, starting with Saturday Night Fever at The Loft.

The photos that speak a million words

My year-end camp was a blast. This year's Christmas Musical Drama was again a touching one. The euphoria of Christmas was shared in Singapore with my cousins. One of whom got married recently. Last but not least, I celebrated the end of 2006 and the dawn of a new year with a "Bang" !

The New Year Jump !

This year will be more challenging. I'll begin my studies in Australia, a place I considered far from home. There, I hope to make new friends and become a self-independent student who can excel in all spheres.

Note: Post published today, January 22. Shoutout: If you're a Malaysian youth blogger, you're invited to join me at the Bloggers Meet-up. Click here for more info.

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  1. Anonymous on January 25, 2007 1:34 AM

    What event is that Colours of Stars? Can see that your year end is more happening.

    God bless and take care in Aussie.

  2. Patchay on February 01, 2007 1:05 AM

    Welcome jjyau.

    The Colours of Stars is refering to Amway's National Convention and 30th Anniversary which was held on 18 June 2006.

    True that year end is best time to party and enjoy.

    Thank you and have a nice day!

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