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Christmas Season

02 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:01 PM in

Once again every year, I celebrated Christmas with my Cell mates! Malaysians, Koreans and the Botswanas come together again to sing, play and have dinner. The feeling of joy filled all our hearts that night.

Tradition took its place again. Like before, we exchanged our presents by playing a game called "Dirty Santa". The game was more than selecting the best present for ourselves ... it was tricky and heart-stomping! In the end, I got an IKEA wall clock. Nothing great though, but I was happy enough to sing Christmas Carols (in my heart) all night long LOL!

This was Sensational Christmas Party, specially organized for the Young Adults of Glad Tidings Youth Church. By looking at those plates, you would probably feel very hungry now!

Staged on 22 December at GTPJ, the Windows Christmas Musical was a show not to be missed. [All pics taken from Nick Tay's the-reflector.] Below is a brief synopsis of the show:

Sight brings to Lisa a battle of emotions and dreams that cost her everything in life. Unable to find happiness, she realizes that true sight only comes when God's light breaks through her windows of darkness.

Me with a cap, sitting next to Victor and Jordan both visiting my church for the first time.

This bring to an end on what I did this Christmas season. Hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations too =)

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  1. Sue Lin on January 04, 2007 12:58 AM

    How does the gAme Dirty Santa go???? Curious! Come on elaborate!

    Happy New Year to u too!!!! =)

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