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Happy New Year 2007

04 January, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 12:17 AM in ,

Once upon a time, the King ordered all Dukes and Duchesses from all over Fooxionland to gather at The Curve Damansara in time to celebrate the beginning of a New Year !

31st December '06 was indeed a special day as they all arrived in either black or white suits. And for the first time, they met face-to-face and greeted each other warmly. Soon, they went for an early dinner provided by Marché Mövenpick.

The Black Team wanted to show how cool they were to the King. So they stood together for this awesome-most picture.

The White Team was not worst off in any ways. They showed that they were equally cool as the Black Team.

But the King wanted the people to show their brotherhood spirit! This was very important in order to safeguard the nation's security and the younger generation in times of war.

The ladies too showed their sisterhood spirit. Almost instantly, they put up a sweet smile in front of the camera. Undeniably, they were so gorgeous that the King wanted them to be His "...".

As we all know, the strength of a nation depends on the unity of all its citizens. A Malay proverb once said: "Bersatu Teguh, Bercerai Roboh" (United We Stand, Divided We Fall).

The people rejoiced like they never had before. Then something happens ... ... ...

Bang ! Bang ! Two shots were fired from a distance. Immediately two men fell to the floor. So happen they were Duke Ryan and Duke sMashpOp. The situation became very chaotic. People ran for the exits, screaming out their hearts loud. Help ! Help ! Call 991?

Fifteen minutes later, the noisy commotion vanished. Amazingly, the two men woke up with almost no injuries at all ! Everybody started celebrating again by jumping high in the air. Fireworks! Fireworks! And it was already New Year 2007 !!!

One of those gentlemen at the party was Prince Patchay. There He is with all the gorgeous ladies.

The King was very delighted as the gathering ended successfully and no one had suffered injuries.

And it was also a cheerful ending for all. Last but not least, His Majesty praised all the people who attended. //The End//

* Note: The storyline above is a creation out of the author's imagination. It is not intended to be true wholly and thus it should not be taken seriously. Pictures not water-marked courtesy of smashpOp and Rames. Post published on January 6. Shoutout: My Singapore Xmas in the Tropics posts will be postponed to a further date.

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  1. Almighty Demiurge on January 07, 2007 6:18 PM

    好多合照 :)

  2. Anonymous on January 11, 2007 3:28 AM

    wah wah wha my face everywhere!!

  3. Anonymous on January 12, 2007 4:55 PM

    Wuiwow boy you can made up a story like dat. New way of telling us your story kk. A very long post yet entertaining enough!

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