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Gold Coast Part I

21 May, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:29 AM in ,

Hey all... sorry for the absence over the last few days.

Well I was at the Gold Coast on 12th May, spending some time off from studies with my ex-Monash mate, Mr Hiresh "Tan" and his buddy Chin "Tan", as well as a bunch of wonderful new friends we met from Student Life.

Shots of our journey to Gold Coast's Cascade Gardens, where we had a BBQ lunch (we set it up) before heading to Surfers Paradise (pictures to be posted in Part II).

Oh yeah... as usual Hiresh will be uttering his craps, lame jokes in the car. While the outside was pleasing, the car inside was really noisy.

Welcome to Gold Coast

This time we excluded all the wonderlands here. We wanted to see more of Gold Coast, and by the way, this place is not just about amusement parks but serene gardens, clean waterways (I saw a number of canals within residential areas) and sandy white beaches.

Also, I was told that the nightlife here is good.

Happy-go-lucky boys...

Craig, Hiresh, Me and a doctorate student from China, Dr Ang Kee ...eee.

Craig was our humble host (humble driver lol) for this trip. It was my first time sitting on a pickup vehicle. He drove us there with his Holden Turbo.

So you can guess how fast we were traveling...

Dr Ang Kee is quite mischievous and "hamsap". He was looking at Craig's ass through the rear window. Imagine that for him being a pH-D student.

He's also professional at talking to girls, having most of the girls' phone numbers at the end of this trip.

Cascade Gardens

We play many games; I thought that the best game was "BULL Rush". We were running around trying to catch each other, really reminds Me of my early school days.

After games, we head to the BBQ pit to see what the ladies were doing. Preparing food for us? There you can see fried onions, beef and pork. Smells good!

After lunch, it was time for my infamous "cam-whoring" session... like this one below...

Instantly, you can tell who is more handsome from this picture.

Chin is a child paedophile. Look at him doing a pose with an innocent little girl. He did not ask for her permission before taking this picture.

One seeker and one poser

Bollywood-style of hiding behind trees. Look at Hiresh's face closely!

Patchay pOpJump

I would prefer doing something more cool.

Here's my latest trademark - pOpJump! (for those who know, should I pay loyalty to smashpOp?)

We got together by sitting in one circle, one big circle.

Here's everyone...

Coming up Next: Gold Coast Part II - Surfers Paradise

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  1. Iwan on May 21, 2007 3:08 PM

    eh pat,
    dun anyhow lompat lompat..
    nanti seluar koyak!! lolz!!!

    Wah the food doesnt look that appetising though..


    Looking forward for part 2

  2. Patchay on May 22, 2007 4:13 PM


    The food look like sampah rite... maklumlah those girls still freshie mah ...

    Part 2 patchay @ surfers paradise coming soon...

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