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BandFest 2007

07 May, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 7:58 PM in , ,

Remember Justea Battle of the Bands last December? This time it was inter-college BandFest on the night of May 4, 2007.

Me: Am I ready... to party?

Walking towards the Holt Room at UQ Union, this huge banner which was hung across horizontally above the walkway instantly caught my attention.

I just thought this night would be another night to celebrate... hahaha. ...Bring it on! Bring it on!

What more...

In fact, I've no idea how a bandfest might turned out to be, but without hesitation I went for it, knowing that some college-mates were there to perform on stage.

The first thing I saw when entering the Holt was a bunch of people wearing some kinda plastic-looking costumes and face masks ...like the entire room has been filled with poisonous gas.

Blow Hard, Sing Aloud

The truth is that these dudes are from my college. They were among the first to perform, and I can tell you that they were simply awesome.

The crowd were entertained from one beat to another higher beat, superfast tempo. Seriously there was no tune because it was all about ROCK! Some yelled, screamed, danced and shake-shake, you know. Others like Me stood upfront to take picture. A fence separated us from the band.

BandFest collage

I was totally surprised to see David on stage as the electric-guitarist. Often we talked about English soccer. He's an Arsenal supporter maybe because he had lived in London before, but very luckily not a Chelsea supporter. =P

Two of my college performers were also my wing-mates. I've only known a little of them, though.

Usual ones and all 18+

I went back early so I wouldn't have known who are the winners. My college was not even in the top three.

Finally, it was a night of plentiful shrieks that had pierced my eardrums really hard. Lotsa liquor drinking as well. Well I guess that's what you call punkish rock music + college life + night life...

Watch out for my next post about one of the largest multi-cultural event here in Brisbane, Australia.

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  1. Anonymous on May 10, 2007 12:35 AM

    Looks like somebody's having loads of fun!! Don;t forget the alcohol! Woohoo!!

  2. Patchay on May 11, 2007 12:55 AM

    Yeah see is fun... but feel no fun haha... ahmoh affair you know. Wah alcohol? I drink only if really needed.

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