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The day that most Emmanuelites have been waiting for has finally arrived on 18 May. UnbelievaBall!!!

The sold-out Ball was the biggest, grandest, most formal event I've attended since coming to Australia!

The Young Guys of Henderson-Wing

Before this, I did not have a suit (never thought of attending such thing so soon). No proper attire. I was undecided whether to go or not to go. Praise God that I managed to borrow one that suits Me nicely from a friend, and that really encouraged Me not to miss out the fun!

Hendo Guys here we come!

Ball Registration and Cocktail began at 6.30pm in College's quad. The photos below will do the talking for Me.

The first kiss of the night

Three and Four

The ladies all set to go

Unforgettable memories

Two cheesy smiles...

Transporting us to the surprise venue

By 7.20pm almost 400 people were up at their respective buses. Imagine that we don't even know where we're heading to as the Ball venue wasn't disclosed to us at all. It was not stated in our tickets. Everyone was guessing... Hilton Hotel? Queen Street? One odd guess is Brisbane Stadium.

Someone told Me that hotel venue is unlikely. And no one knows exactly where for sure. Gonna be a huge surprise for us.

Guys, can you guess what kind of venue the Ball was held?

More unbelievable photos and answer to this question in Part II, so stay tune.

To be continued---

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  1. Iwan on June 01, 2007 8:42 PM

    wah adik!!
    So handsome ar...

    So many HOT aussie gals....
    Yum yum!!!

    Hmmm.. maybe the venue is in the park?

  2. hwen on June 03, 2007 12:26 AM

    Hey Patchay! I can't guess where was the Ball held, but it must be some beautiful place! With awesome decor, and even more awesome people, haha!

    Hmmm... guys always look different in suits... It always give a different impression, haha! Agree?

  3. Patchay on June 04, 2007 11:33 PM

    Haha thanx for your praise.
    Wah aussie girls delicious kah?

    Haha it was held at the golf course. Inside ballroom of course.

    Agree... but i think ladies can transform their appearance much better than men. Haha.

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