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2nd Reiji Dance Party

01 July, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 12:16 AM in , ,

We arrived at Queen St by Bus 412 as usual. My friend, Chin brought Me inside Brisbane's Conrad Treasury - the first building you see once you step out of the bus.

The legal age here is 18, thus Green Light for Me to enter the main hall.

Remarkably, it was my First visit inside a casino legally! I know I'm truly innocent. Chin then tought Me how to play Roulette (the spinning thingy like above) on gambling machines. Naughty Me for learning the trade.

Anyway I didn't play any game... still considered innocent right? He played and won some money. He was happy enough, so he cash-out and we walked towards our Party venue.

*** *** ***

This was my second time attending a Reiji Dance Party.

Chin, Me & Tony

From my observation, Tony prefers Asian chicks. Don't you? He's pretty good at "pikat-ing" anyone of them to dance with him. Keep it up man!

Me & Kim... just another friend...

Muah Muahhh. OMG look at how I've positioned my mouth...

These guys are having an awesome time. My advice to them: get more ladies next time haha!

OK... I can explain this. Someone asked us to pose and... there goes our picture being featured in the club's website.

Chin jokingly said to Me: Put us in the magazine or poster with the headline "Clubbers", and I won't be that innocent anymore. Shit!

There're no pictures taken at 2nd Klub Kandy recently. So there won't be any blog about it.

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  1. Leena on July 03, 2007 1:11 AM

    all i see in this blog is party party and more party. so happenin there is aus? good that you're enjoyin yourself.

  2. Patchay on July 04, 2007 2:01 PM

    [shern's mom]
    Haha OK no more party. Now gonna be a good boy!

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