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Brisbane Tour 1

09 July, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 12:10 PM in

Time for Me to blog about my recent tours around Brisbane, Queensland. I know a lot of my Malaysian friends are eager to know how this place looks like.

Some even ask Me where in Australia is Brisbane. Never mind if you don't know where. For sure, it's not as famous or bustling as Sydney or Melbourne.

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland State, the home to one of Australia's most well-known natural wonders - the Great Barrier Reef. Or maybe I should I say it is the home of Steve Irwin, then you guys can know better? Gold Coast, Australia's most visited destination is also in this state and just 40 minutes away from Brisbane. The state has many other attractions including many of Australia's most exciting surfing resorts (something like the home of Australian version of Baywatch hehe), and the famous Billabong brand originated from here too!

So all I ask you is to visit my blog often for the next few weeks, and you'll at least know something about this place!

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Part 1 - QUT Garden City Campus and Brisbane Botanical Gardens

I visited Queensland University of Technology which is in the heart of Brisbane city.

It's impressive, but I think my university (UQ) is more impressive haha. Pretty modern though.

Modernity? Nope. In fact, some of Brisbane's oldest buildings are located within its campus. This is the first state government house.

This one looks like cowboy kinda mansion to me, actually. Wild Wild West hiyaa!

White House. Knock, knock President Bush? Presently this building houses the QUT's Art Museum.

Roads here are clean and tidy.

Walking out of QUT campus you'll see this BIG ancient building. This is Queensland's Parliament House.

All other colonial-looking government buildings are located adjacent to each other.

*** Overlooking this area is Brisbane Botanical Gardens. ***

More than 100 years old tree. Look at the trunksss man!

Most trees here are evergreen regardless of autumn or winter. But somehow there'll be more colourful during spring. Also, where else can you find so many types of palm trees (also coconut trees) in Australia other than this place.

The Romantic Road. How I wished I had a girlfriend to walk with through this path.

The time was 4.30pm and you could see beautiful sunset along the riverbank from the Botanical Gardens.

And yes this is something similar to a miniature version of Sydney Harbour with a steel bridge in the background!

Coming up next: Brisbane Tour Part 2 - North Quay. I think with the amount of photos I took recently in different places I would have to blog until Part 10 haha :P

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