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Colours of Hope

31 January, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 11:28 PM in ,

Event: Colours of Hope Buffet Dinner Invitational
Date: 15 October 2007
Venue: Buffet Garden, Sunnybank

Dear Patrons: In order to minimise wastage, please fill your plate with AS MUCH AS YOU CAN EAT

How I wish we had such sign at Malaysian buffets as well!

First round...

2nd round...

and there was third ...and finally gave up...

Who has the most leg hair ??? haha

I can sing...

I can scream...?

I can blow air !!! hahaha

Bruce Lee !!!

Don't know what he's doing...

Song dedication

Girlzzz of Judah 5

Boizzz of Judah 5

Judah 5



  1. Anonymous on May 04, 2008 1:27 PM

    buffet dinner some more go sing K... not bad leh...

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