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EMC Photo 2007

04 January, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 11:21 AM in , ,

Event: Emmanuel College Annual Photo Session
Date: 13 September 2007
Time: 6.00-7.30am (yes no kidding!)

Harry Potters (fellow collegians) dressed up in the wee hours of the morning...

...the only reason is for a BIG BIG collegiate picture...

Almost 340 people in one picture. It must have been the most "crowded" picture I've ever taken in my life...

The professional man took a few shots with his big camera sitting on a tripod.

After the photo session, I was just too lazy to get to breakfast... so I went back to Hendo (wing) and checked this out...

Presenting to you - Hendo rockers performing the Wolffy Dance...

The usual crazy guys at Hendo...

Months later, the hardcopy of our photo came to each one of us! It's very clear unlike the below. The College will also put the photo up in the office next year.

The plastic-copy of our photo. I'm standing in the centre of the highlighted red box.

For memory's sake, Patchay was a student-cum-resident of Emmanuel College Queensland in 2007.


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