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Dancefest 2007

06 January, 2008 | Written by Patchay at 10:45 PM in , ,

Event: Inter-College DanceFest 2007
Date: 8 October
Venue: UQ Centre
Teams: 10 College teams competing, including my Emmanuel College !

Team Emmanuel of about 30-40 dancers presented a superb synchronized and coherent dance performance entitled "A Crime of Passion". Pretty cool name isn't it?

I was there to support... but a bit late lah... so miss a bit loh (Malaysian slang)... and here's the recorded video of the full performance...

- Emmanuel College's A Crime of Passion Video -

*** *** ***

Check out my pics below and please please pardon Me for those blurrish images!

The funniest, most "random" and most GAY of them all ...by King's College!

Aussie hip hop?

Australian Cowboys...

"LED's, Let Me Taste Your Tears" ... Australian humour, anyone?

*** *** ***

Anyway, King's College emerged victorious... and here's their video...

- King's College Video -

Goodnight folks!


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