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A Farewell Delight

14 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:46 PM in ,

My Farewell Dinner on 9 February with ex-DJians at TGIF 1U. Below are some photos that will help me do the talking ...

This is the long table chaired by Me. The Banana Passion boys sat near me while the girls sat at the far end. Looks like they're really avoiding me.

The girls smiled because today is Friday. Not because of Me or Edmund (right). They didn't cry for Me either, although it was my fare-farewell. How I wish they give Me a kiss on my cheek lol !

Finally, the bill came after our cam-whore session. The waiter who brought the bill to Me looks frightening.

Indeed the price was frightening too ... a whopping RM482.65, including more than RM60 for service taxes !!! I didn't bring that much money, so how? I was already prepared to spend a night or more washing plates there. Luckily I told them "Go Dutch" beforehand right?

The last few minutes for these four musketeers to mingle around. Again, a million Thank You to all who came and bid Me farewell. I really appreciate all your good wishes too.

It's getting very late now so I better go to bed. We shall all keep in touch till the next outing ya !

I take this opportunity to wish everyone Happy Valentine's Day. Make sure you don't forget to do something sincerely for your loved ones ok. Rose Rose Candle Candle Hug Hug Kiss Kiss =)

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