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Ser Yoong's Day

11 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 2:16 AM in ,

Lim Ser Yoong (middle) is big enough to determine what kind of sex life he really wants. And we all came to witness his maturity "turning point" (crap-lah) on 4th February when he officially turned 20. "Go on Ser ... you're never too young to start the race now !"

And it was "The Banana Passion" people again (except Amanda the only girl there) who were waiting to take this picture more than a year already.

Minutes after minutes, we just can't control our hormones no longer. So some people went on to near kiss him on the cheek. Perhaps others wanted elsewhere lol.

I almost screwed up the entire night debating politics with Lean and Zi Yang until Ser Yoong told us something ...

[Quoting a friend, Karl]

Ser Yoong mentioned that his room mate has sex on a frequent basis. We, being the guys that've never had sex before, all went omgwtfplskthxbai almost immediately.

What Yoong's pissed about is that he (the room mate) has sex so much, that even during exam period it gets rather noisy. Cause of like you, sex. Sex is noisy. Well, sex can be quiet too, but then it doesn't really sound like sex eh. "Doesn't sound like sex". Get it? Quiet sex doesn't sound like sex.

What the f*** ? So now I know ... and you know too !!!

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