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The Big Bloggers Meet

06 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 3:15 PM in ,

The 3rd installment of The Big Bloggers Meet went on smoothly last Saturday (Feb 3). Historically, it was my first hangout with these people. It was held at the Wizard World Cafe in Sungai Wang.

That morning I woke up very late and without further delay took the LRT near home, changed to the Monorail at KL Sentral and reached Bukit Bintang station exactly noon. ***

Never thought that there was a 4D horror-themed amusement inside the restaurant ! And we all got to enjoy it at no extra cost ! But I had quite an expensive lunch ... and in just a while the frustration was overcomed by the joyous cam-whoring session.

The left-most guy here is Xianjin. He's currently rebranding himself, most probably calling himself Shaz like what I called him throughout the party. The real Shaz (2nd from right) took his name instead !

Next to Xianjin is Calvin Tay, Eujin, Mikel, Me, (Shaz) and Kingsley Sia (already confirmed with him that he's not related to Kenny Sia, that's what I heard rite?). The young babe here is Cheryl.

Mikel in the middle, with his trademark facial expression. Many pics I took with him from previous meets showed the same type of pose. The nice girl here is known as PinkPau, luckily not Char Siew Pau la. Honestly I really like that "pink pau" name lol !

The look-alike couple here was Rames and Kellster, both of them took almost a quarter area size of this picture !

I was behind there with the other bloggers ...ooops at one time I was leaning on Nazrul's arm hahaha. Yes he's the Cucuk Langit (Sky Poking?) Uncle. To the right was another couple - Asyraf and Stephanie.

Below is my usual way of putting pictures together.

(First row; l-r) The first picture showcasing Suey, Elaine and Me. Next, 4 boys posed their "stupid" faces together; there were smashpOp, Bryan, Slinky and Me. Then, there was the happy Jed whom I met in New Year Countdown Party posing with Me during the personal cam-whoring session.

(Middle row; l-r) Me and another Su Ann ... and guess what? She was my ex-schoolmate and perhaps even ex-classmate many years ago (haha not very sure but please forgive me ya !). Next was the guy who may as well changed his name alltogether to PinkFrog, but of course he rebranded himself as Shaz that time. And lastly there was Me, Ming and Amanda !

(Last row; l-r) Someone came to me and say we look like a couple? huh? No misunderstanding ok ! Then it was PinkPau with Me again. Finally, some time with Dr Tan, the co-organizer of this meet-up and who happens to be my uni-coursemate. Next to Dr Tan is Joshua, Me and Eujin.

Here's the group photo. They were a total of 69 bloggers who came, and we had lotsa of fun in many ways ... and some left before this group take. Long time blogger Minishorts was there too !

So now you know how many people I missed cam-whoring with ! But I guess I shook more or less 60 different hands and had a little conversation with most of them. I really really did all that ! In the end, congrats to those who came and the organizing people.

To the Ones at the party: If you have pictures with Me or any pictures you would like to share, feel free to drop a message here or send them to my email: patchayik[at]yahoo.com. Thanks. Post published today Feb 7 ; using new laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium OS =)

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  1. Anonymous on February 11, 2007 2:24 AM

    Two words ... scandalous camwhoring. Lol kidding ok.

  2. Anonymous on February 23, 2007 7:01 PM

    walamak I miss it

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