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Emmanuel College

27 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 7:53 PM in , , ,

Hey there people. How was your CNY celebrations? Hope you already got back to school or work lol.

Today is my fourth day of school here in Brisbane. Here's some photos of where I'm currently dwelling ...everyday !!!

Known as Emmanuel College, it's a co-ed residential college within my university. Apparently it's modelled after Emmanuel College in Cambridge, Harvard and elsewhere. Entry requirements include good grades, good references and good extra-curriculum. So now you know Me ! Ooops ... oh yeah... there was supposed to be an interview before entry, but I escaped !

The college fee is VERY expensive though; but the environment is just too supportive, at least for Me to excel in my studies. High expectations again.

Not to worry ...the brothers and sisters here are quite friendly. About a dozen Asians only, compared to about 300 Australians, Americans, or whatever.

Four Malaysians including Me, a few from Singapore, 2 from Hong Kong, 2 from Japan etc. I remember correctly that there were one or two from England, South Africa, Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Fiji, France and Canada.

So believe me that I've met most of the "Freshers" here !

As many as 10 wings in this college. The Douglas (left) and Henderson (near the trees), where my room is located. The grassy area is where I would love to have picnic with those college chicks, haha just kidding anyway.

Food looks good ...sometimes. Taste-wise can't be compared to back home. Always with a drink of orange juice, such a pity lol. And I have a formal dinner once a week, got to dressed up like Harry Porter ! Will elaborate more on college food and events next time, pardon Me.

Sigh...I realized I haven't took any pictures for breakfast? Better do so tomorrow !

Gtg...Byebye and have a nice day :) [Next post: Toga Party]

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