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Goodbye Buffet

21 February, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 11:19 PM in

Here's my last and grandest farewell just days before I left for Australia. Held at the Lemon Garden Cafe of Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, the awesome buffet lunch was given by my elder sister (and family). Do have fun looking at my food snapshots !

Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni ... Chinese New Year is around the corner ! So why not start the New Year with a toss of Yee Sang.

For those who do not know, Yee Sang is a traditional Chinese-style raw fish salad; usually eaten only at the start of every Chinese New Year. According to Chinese customs, the dish is taken to symbolise abundance and prosperity.

My first round of serving (after Yee Sang) looks weird, and really too much for a start isn't it?

Well the seafood section at this cafe really amazed Me wowwow. So I added some fresh oysters and shrimps into my plate, which is already fully-occupied with some kind of Italian salads.

Hohoho...I just can't resist my seafood platter any more...oysters, mussels and shrimps ...

This is my Dad's selection. Oysters, smoked salmon (far top) and two plates of unknown cold dishes (not dessert ok).

My third round ... really it was just the beginning. Baked lamb (left, clockwise), slices of black pepper beef, a small chunk of chicken breast and salmon with cheesy sauce. A towering potato in the middle.

Almost given up the buffet already. But I can't go without tasting Malaysia's favourite food - the satay -aka- meat-skewed on sticks with spicy peanut gravy. Haha ...accompanying the satay was siew mai and char siew pau =)

Had to stop eating for a while ...waiting for my food in stomach to fully digest lol ! Much later, I had a plate consisting of various types of Chinese dim sums - chicken and seafood rolls as well as a piece of Chinese crunchy mushroom.

The coolest thing in the buffet was dipping cubes of honeydew fruit into a bowl of chocolate fondue. Then you'll get Chocola-Honey-Fondue-dew ! You can try using other fruits too ... such as strawberry?

Two words = superb desserts. Fruits, chocolates, cakes and mix-flavoured ice-cream. Interestingly the Kiwi fruit (left) were placed onto a pavlova, which is made by beating egg whites with caster sugar (damm sweet!) and vanilla.

This is my only dessert plate. The "special ones" served in small saucers. On the far-top leftside of the plate is chocolate cheese cake, and far-top right is chocolate cake. Prawn crackers being used for decoration purposes.

Desserts with some brown dates, long skinny biscuits (don't even know exactly what it is called) and dried nutmeg.

Really crazy lunch isn't it? Yet I missed the Indian tandoori, Middle Eastern kebab, English bread, Chinese noodle and other dessert or fresh fruit sections.

That's for all now, reporting from Brisbane, Australia.

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