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J5 Games Nights

29 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:45 AM in ,

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1st Games Night 20 July 2007

This gentleman in red has a funny name = Passy !!! Haha.

And I wonder why he always called Me - Birmingham?

Oldies and newbies to university this semester two.

Joey instructing people how to do his famous invention, that is The Chicken Dance.

Introducing the "Tissue-Wrapped" candidates.

Wanna know what happenned next?


This guy is soo lovely ... lol.

Our beloved J5 leader showing off his unnatural things... Whilst he's holding a fire extinguisher and a ladies handbag.

He had a microphone and a tissue roll... that is his torch.

My group's candidate is Victorious!

A vacuum cleaner with water bottle at the opening, a pink bag turned over covering his head (partly suffocating him), a packet of potato chips, a fern and a traditional ladies scarf on his shoulder.

And he's catwalk was the most hilarious!

Awesome people. This is the first batch of newcomers I met at the beginning of this semester.

Singaporeans. Clement (left), Daniel and Jeremy.

Another batch of newcomers from Guangdong, Southern China.

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2nd Games Night 27 July 2007

Irresistible raspberry and blackberry cheese cake!

Last person must act out what's been told to the next person, he or she then act to the next, and the last person will have to guess what is it.

Haha Peace, Peace sign. (Asians just love the Peace sign!)

If you hold a camera, then you'll be the photographer. That's the thing that makes Me fuss for not being included in group pictures at most times :p

Coming Up Next: Patchay in Amazing Race Brisbane

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