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A Graduation Ceremony

25 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 1:14 AM in ,

Date: 18 July 2007
Time: Evening
Place: UQ Centre, St Lucia Campus

For the first time, I entered into a Graduation Ceremony, or what they called a "Ceremony for the Conferring of Awards."

And I was late... but I got in for FREE... sitting at the top podium like any other visitors.

I was invited by Mary Chin (middle), whom I called her one of my "cheh cheh" (sister) in Australia. She called Me "didi" (younger brother) too.

Congratulations to you, again...

I can still remember that she brought Me a tupperware of her homecook Nasi Lemak. That was last semester.

You know I stay in College, so I rarely get to eat Malaysian food.

These are her very close friends.

Mary and Chee Siang, who came all the way from QUT.

The tall Mexican guy is kinda jovial.

He told Me some facts about Mauritius, the home country of the guy on the left.

Facts such as the speed of the air from your fart can't be more than a certain limit, how funny Mauritians live etc.

This "Uncle" could speak a little Chinese. He declined to tell Me where he's from (most likely Malaysian hor?).

We took a group picture with the Professionals, and I only got to know that we/Mary have to pay quite alot for our picture. WTH.

The climax was this. Mary threw her hat... the next thing was... it landed on Me while I was taking this picture !!! Ouuchhh...

Everybody laugh like hell. You better not laugh at Me!

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  1. ahbing on August 28, 2007 11:59 PM

    she must be a sharp shooter.. or either that you're very huge size.


  2. Patchay on August 31, 2007 10:33 PM


    Kena my head directly from the top. Lucky not fainted or nothing serious happen.

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