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Brisbane Tour 11

02 August, 2007 | Written by Patchay at 8:04 PM in

When I was much younger, I always had an undescribeable feeling of trepidation when passing by this "place". Because of that I've never step foot inside this "place" before, yes NOT even once.

And recently when I was reading a tourist guide I came across something called "Haunted Tours", at this "place".

Also, when I was searching about Toowong (the place I stayed) in Wikipedia I read that it had listed this "place" as a historical attraction.

Do you know what is this "place" that I'm talking about?




I present to you Brisbane Tours Part 11 @ Toowong Memorial Park.

No kidding. I got better things to do but this is my very first time entering a grayeyard, and in Australia instead. Curiously I went pass the gate and began taking a few pictures...

Indeed a milestone for Me, as I've overcome fear and my superficial thinking of apparitional stuffs.

I've challenged myself and I guess I'm now more prepared to attend funerals (I've not attended any so far) and to pay my respect to the departed ones.

Rest in Peace

Somehow I feel Australian cemeteries are cleaner, neat and "nothing creeping under your feet", my metaphoric saying of no bushes and dirt that make the place look scary or haunted.

As you can see above, the tombstones are nameless and scriptless. It's the cemetery for the many soldiers who have died when fighting a war, and I guess many of them could not be identified before burial.

It looks like some War Memorials in USA that you may have seen on TV.

Large gum trees make this entire place really peaceful.

Some tombstones are spectacular, some with mini minarets and some with statues. There's even something like a shrine of remembrance at the top of the hill.

In memory...

This comes to an end to my coverage of Brisbane Tours. But not the end of my travelling during holidays. I went to another city in the hinterland of Brisbane, which I'll blog about next. The trip was only one full-day so there won't be many many parts.

Coming up next: Ipswich Tour Part 1

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  1. SaeWei on August 04, 2007 7:11 PM

    whoa... you are sure very brave man!!!!

    *Saewei shivers

  2. Anonymous on August 07, 2007 2:26 AM

    Hey, your trip to graveyard makes me think of a scene I have just read in Harry Potter!
    Anyway, thanks for those Brisbane's photos, it remind me of some unforgettable memories i have had there.

  3. Leena on August 07, 2007 3:18 AM

    must say somehow graveyard here in malaysia looks much more creepy eh.
    you're quite a bravo to enter a graveyard. is it for the sake of bloggin? haha.

  4. Patchay on August 07, 2007 10:16 AM

    [sae wei]
    Hahaha i was shivering too. Imagine walking alone there while the wind is blowing onto my face.

    hey nice to see you here. Haha. Good. I hope you have wonderful time in HK. Cheers.

    [shern's mom]
    yeah especially chinese cemetery. haha. for the sake of wanting to see. haaha.

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